How to Get a Mixcraft 5 Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

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How to Get a Mixcraft 5 Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

It wasn't long after the inception of the internet that musicians, sound engineers, and vocalists became enthralled with the new PC's ability to also function as a multipurpose recording, editing, and mixing solution.

Audio editing software and digital audio workstations (DAW) are now plentiful and beginners to seasoned audio engineers can select a product that is the key to achieving their particular sound.

Let's take a look at Mixcraft 5, a digital audio workstation from Acoustica. We will show youby using Virtual Credit Cards from DoNotPay.

Don't worry if you need to learn how Virtual Credit Cards work as we are going to address that as well!

What is Mixcraft 5

On February 18, 2010, the audio software provider Acoustica introduced Mixcraft 5, the 5th version of the Mixcraft software that is a fully functional recording studio for PC and Mac users.

With Mixcraft 5, budding musicians, singers, and even podcast owners could have of a recording studio to produce professional sounding tracks. Perhaps the best-selling point to the Mixcraft 5 product was its ease of use and even a beginner could successfully record, edit, and distribute their material with ease.

With Mixcraft 5, you can;

  • Record and edit unlimited audio tracks
  • Use multiple virtual instruments from vintage synthesizers to quality acoustic guitars
  • Arrange music, voice, and sound effects from one central location
  • Implement thousands of different sound effects, music loops, and equalizer functions

Mixcraft 5 was easy enough for beginners and powerful enough for pros!

How Much Will Mixcraft 5 Cost Me, and Is There a Free Trial

The price tag associated with Mixcraft 5 is not all that difficult to swallow. Its original purchase price of $74.99 has been consistent since its release and that makes Mixcraft 5 one of, if not the best values in DAW and audio editing software.

If you are looking to take Mixcraft 5 for a test drive to see if it is right for you and your application, the Mixcraft main webpage is where to begin. Don't be intimidated by all the promotional material on the Mixcraft website as they are trying to promote Mixcraft 9, and it may take some patience to uncover the Mixcraft 5 product as it is now 11 years old.

Mixcraft will allow you to operate a limited version of the Mixcraft 5 for two weeks. During that free trial period, some of Mixcraft's functions may not be available until you convert to an annual paid subscription.

The annual; subscription price of $74.99 can be pails in one of three ways;

Annual Charge$74.99
Two-Time Charge$39.99 every 6 months
Bi-Monthly Charge$19.99 every 2 months

The annual charge is the best value as it can save you $45 over the bi-monthly charge.

What Happens If I Forget to Cancel My Mixcraft 5 Free Trial

Once the free trial period is over, the pricing package that you agree to upon signing up is billed to your credit/debit card on file with Acoustica, Mixcraft's parent company. The Mixcraft 5 product will be available for you to download at this time, and it is a full functioning product with all available instrumentation, sound effects, mixing, and sound editing tools.

Pros and Cons of Mixcraft 5

Mixcraft 5 were, at the time, the best value in DAW and sound editing software. While it still retains that original price tag of $74.99 annually, the Mixcraft 9 is considered to be a far better product.

With that in mind, the pros of Mixcraft 5 are in its simplicity. Beginning recording studio musicians and vocalists will be laying down publishing worthy tracks in no time at all. And, with the available instrumentation and sound effects, those tracks will have the same clean-cut crisp sound of a professional recording studio.

According to reviews of Mixcraft 5, the biggest complaint about the product was in the amount of storage space that is required to run at optimal performance.

The file for Mixcraft 5 is so large that even the high-end fast computers reported lag time when operating with multiple programs running in tandem with Mixcraft 5.

How Can I Get a Free Trial of Mixcraft 5 Without Any Risk

If Mixcraft 5 sounds like the solution for your sound editing and producing needs, and you want to try it without any fear of your card being billed for it, you now have that option with Virtual Credit Cards from DoNotPay!

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