MegaMates Free Trial Without the Free Trial Stress

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MegaMates Free Trial Without the Free Trial Stress

Are you a single person looking to connect with quality like-minded singles like yourself? The is paid subscription service that gives you the fast, easy, and fun way to meet quality local singles in your area.

MegaMates caters to the gay, lesbian, and straight communities with dozens of phone numbers that will 'hook you up with people just like you looking for either a playmate or a soulmate!

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What Is MegaMates?

In 1993 what is now MegaMates then was Telemates and Megaphone. The two entities now operate under a single combined name, MegaMates. This is an interactive, safe, and discreet place to call, chat, and connect with quality singles in their area.

The new user at MegaMates will be glad to know that yes, MegaMates does offer a free trial. But, this is not your average

The MegaMates Free Trial Period

Since MegaMates is a phone dating service their free trial period is based on minutes rather than days. The 30-minute free trial gives the new user a chance to look over the features of the different paid plans while accomplishing the basics of those plans.

For instance, at any package level you need to;

  1. Create a user profile
  2. Set up your mailbox for receiving messages
  3. Record your mailbox greeting\

Those are required of all packages and your 30-minute free trial does not start until you begin using 'paid' functions such as;

  1. Retrieving messages from your mailbox
  2. Sending messages to other mailboxes
  3. Using live chat to talk to the person you have chosen or vice versa
  4. Leaving a priority message

It is free to browse through the available clients on MegaMates no matter which package you choose.

How Much Is the MegaMates Package Going to Cost?

There are a total of six packages for you to select from when referring to the costs associated with MegaMates. The packages range from 'Free' to $49.99 per month.

Let's look at the features of each package.

PlanPackage PriceFeatures
MegaMates Free
  • Create profile
  • Set up and maintain a mailbox
  • Create a personal ad
  • Browse chat room users
  • Retrieve and listen to incoming mailbox messages
MegaMates 24-Hour Plan$11.99
  • 24-hours of unlimited message retrieval
  • 24-hours of live chat and direct connection to incoming messages or through browsing
  • 2 Free pre-paid priority messages with sign up
  • 1 extra day of message retrieval free with sign up
MegaMates 1-Week Plan$19.99
  • 1-week unlimited message retrieval
  • 3 prepaid priority messages
  • Plus all features of the 24-hour package
MegaMates 1-Week Plus$23.99 (most popular)
  • 1-week unlimited live chat
  • 1-week unlimited direct connect
  • Plus all features mentioned above
MegaMates 1-Month$39.99
  • 1-month unlimited message retrieval
  • 6 prepaid priority messages
  • All above features
MegaMates 1-Month Plus$49.99 (best value)
  • 1-month unlimited message retrieval
  • 1-month unlimited direct connect
  • 1-month unlimited live chat
  • 6 prepaid priority messages

All of MegaMates plans offer a 30-minute free trial. The free trial period is the only time any of MegaMate's features are within a designated time frame. That is rather rare in a service that provides phone messaging and receiving.

What Happens After the 30-Minute Free Trial?

When you have depleted your free time your MegaMate pricing plan you chose at sign up will then be charged to your credit/debit.

Those charges will appear on your card statement discreetly as Progressive Computing LLC.

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