How to Get Logic Pro Free Trial Securely With a Virtual Credit Card

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How to Get Logic Pro Free Trial Securely With a Virtual Credit Card

Anyone can feel like a professional recording artist if they get a under their belt. This powerful software from Apple has revolutionized the way that people record music, and it has made accessibility of great recording equipment a top priority. Anyone who has the Logic Pro software can mix their own beats and create unique sounds that have simply never been heard before. It is something that is truly special, and it is also something that causes many people to want to run out and get this software for themselves right away. If you would like to give it a try before you buy the full software package, then you need to trust DoNotPay to make it happen.

Is Apple Really Willing To Give Out A Free Trial?

One would think that software as powerful as would not be permitted to be used on a free trial basis, but that is exactly what Apple is offering at this time. They clearly want to get the word out to as many people as possible about their product, and that means using free trial offers as the perfect way to entice more people to try it out. Currently, the company is offering basis with the following conditions:

  1. You must submit a credit card number when you sign up to get your free trial
  2. You get to use the software in its full form for 90 days at no charge
  3. You will be auto-renewed for another month of the service at full price each month until you cancel your subscription

The idea is that people will love the software so much that they won't want to cancel once their 90 days are up. At that point, Apple can begin to charge them the full rate for the service, and that is what they seek to do every time. However, you do have options for how you sign up for this service, and you are not obligated to continue on with your trial if you determine that the product is not for you.

DoNotPay Offers Consumers Greater Choice

DoNotPay has always been in the business of improving lives, and they have done it yet again with their latest offering. This time, they are offering their users the opportunity to get the free trials that they want without the risk of being auto-renewed and having to pay more money in the long run. How they do this is by offering what they call a virtual credit card.

The virtual credit card is something that one can use to combat charges that they did not intend to sign up for. In other words, when one uses their virtual credit card, they can avoid:

  • Being automatically renewed on various services that they have no intention of continuing to use
  • Having their credit card number easily stolen
  • Having certain types of purchases show up on their credit card statement

The reality is, most people would like to get free trials of services that they think they might use before taking the plunge. Additionally, most would greatly prefer it if they could avoid putting their current credit card number on the Internet more often than absolutely necessary. This reduces the risk of having their personal information stolen, and that is a big deal when it comes to signing up for free trials. The DoNotPay virtual credit card helps them to avoid all of those issues.

What Benefits Does Logic Pro Provide?

We have already mentioned how Logic Pro can help make anyone feel as though they are a rock star with an amazing recording studio setup, and that is true. However, there are also other benefits of this software that don't necessarily get as much attention as they should. This includes the fact that you can do the following:

  1. Mix your music in such a way that it is fully prepared to be uploaded onto Apple Music when you are done
  2. Install various sound packs to make music into just the right quality
  3. Explore ideas from other artists and how they have incorporated certain sounds into their masterpieces

It is important to note all of these benefits to more deeply understand the real value behind what Apple has put out here. You do not want to miss out on your opportunity to enjoy all of the greatest features for up-and-coming artists.

Logic Pro X Alternatives Pricing

With the standard Logic Pro X priced at $200 here are some alternatives with their prices and benefits.

Avid Pro Tools$599Perpetual License with Annual Upgrade Plan
FL Studio$199
  • Includes everything that Basic melody & loops creation includes plus
  • Audio Clips (editable track length audio)
  • Audio Recording (using a microphone directly in FL Studio)
  • Edison *° (audio editor and recorder)
  • 10 FX Slots per Track
  • Patcher FX extension /rack
  • Full inter-track audio routing & side chaining
WavePad$39.95All Master's Edition features without VST plugins support nor SFX Library

How Else Can DoNotPay Assist You Today?

Getting free trials for various services without the risk of putting your credit card number in too many places online is a big deal. However, this is not the only upside that you may enjoy with DoNotPay. They are constantly adding to the various tasks that they assist with. If you haven't tried them out before, you will be blown away by the full range of what they offer including:

These and many more services are what help DoNotPay stand out and make a name for itself. If you haven't had the chance to try them out yet, you should remedy that as soon as possible.

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