Is Unclaimed Money Discovery Legit or Not?

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Is Unclaimed Money Discovery Legit? Use DoNotPay To Avoid Risks

The idea of having unclaimed money waiting for you on some government account sounds almost dreamy, but in reality, it is estimated that the government holds billions in unclaimed property. This fact means that one in ten Americans has unclaimed funds worth more than $100.

Unclaimed Money Discovery is the company that claims it can find your missing money and make the dream a reality. If you’re afraid of scammers, though, you should be careful who you trust.

DoNotPay can find any missing property for you, including unclaimed insurance money and funds from deceased relatives, without compromising your online safety.

What Is Unclaimed Money Discovery?

Unclaimed Money Discovery is a company for lost asset investigation and recovery of unclaimed property. It has over 100 professional investigators, genealogists, researchers, and account executives.

When you sign up for its services, it will assign you a professional asset recovery agent and compile a detailed profile of your unclaimed funds. The company uses an Asset Recovery Tracking System that analyzes geographic and personal data along with genealogy. It will check all the state, private, and federal databases every month.

Unclaimed Money Discovery isn’t a commission-based company, but it charges a fee of $29.95. The services it offers are:

  • Outlining your entire family tree
  • Conducting a detailed search through all public and private databases
  • Filling out the claim forms, once your money is located

This company sounds like it’s worth the money, but some customers claim that Unclaimed Money Discovery is a scam.

What Do Unclaimed Money Discovery Reviews Say?

User reviews draw a somewhat blurred picture of this company’s business. The majority of reviews are negative. They state that the company tricked them by promising quality services but failed to deliver.

One user said they couldn’t get in touch with the company to cancel the services and request a refund. The failure to contact Unclaimed Money Discovery happened after the company told the user that it couldn’t find any information regarding their case. This person tried to update their information, but the effort was futile.

Other customers complained that the company made unauthorized charges to their accounts, and they couldn’t get in touch with Unclaimed Money Discovery to get an explanation and a refund.

Is Unclaimed Money Discovery a Scam?

You can't be entirely sure if a company is a scam based on reviews. You can never be too careful, so study them closely and double-check any company before paying for their services.

The best course of action is to use DoNotPay or relevant government databases for finding unclaimed money. This way, you’ll protect yourself from scams.

How To Protect Yourself From Scammers

Committing fraud has never been easier. Various dangers lurk online. Luckily, you can always take steps to protect yourself.

Here’s what you can do to protect yourself from scammers who claim they know where your money is:

  • Search for unclaimed property on the official websites
  • Don’t fall for websites that offer their help in return for a small fee
  • Don’t believe people on the phone saying they’ve located your money
  • Double-check the legitimacy of a person or a company that contact you regarding your property

In most cases, government institutions don't contact potential owners about unclaimed property. The states usually don't have enough resources to find legal owners—they wait for people to claim their property by themselves.

It’s a red flag if the company asks for a significant portion of the assets even though legit companies may charge a small fee.

Use DoNotPay To Discover Your Lost Money Without Risk

DoNotPay is 100% safe and legit! Wouldn’t you rather use a website that fights against scammers and the unfairness of the system than settle for a potential scam? DoNotPay can help you protect yourself and get what’s rightfully yours.

Our search platform is simple to use, and our chatbot is fast in locating your unclaimed funds. When it comes to helping you reclaim your missing money, we are your ticket out of the administrative hassle.

Open DoNotPay in your and create an account to start using our unclaimed property search platform. You can follow these steps to speed up the process:

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Find the Missing Money feature
  3. Type in your full name and previous addresses

That’s it—this is all the information we need! We will search through an array of state and federal databases to find your unclaimed assets. Our platform is so good at finding lost property that you don’t even need to search by Social Security number to get the best results.

After you find the forgotten property that you’re entitled to, you can click on the Claim My Property button to reclaim what belongs to you. DoNotPay can file a claim on your behalf so that you can get that property back.

DoNotPay can help you locate your missing assets in all 50 states, including:

Alternative Ways To Find Unclaimed Money Safely

The government doesn’t have a central website for locating unclaimed property. Besides DoNotPay, some of the best options to look for your unclaimed assets are the following websites:

Official WebsitesHow To Search for Your Property

National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA)

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on Conduct a Free Online Search
  3. Tap on Select Your State or Province
  4. Select your state from the menu on the left
  5. Follow the instructions on your state’s official treasurer website

United States Government—Money and Taxes

  1. Visit the website
  2. Scroll down to find the type of search
  3. Follow the further instructions on the website


  1. Go to the website
  2. Type your full name, or the name of your business
  3. Enter your city and state to expand your search
  4. Click on Claim next to your name
  5. Read the instructions and select Yes I Can Claim

Bureau of the Fiscal Services

  1. Visit the website
  2. Scroll down to find the official government agencies that contain databases
  3. Select the agency that suits your needs
  4. Follow the further instructions on the website you were redirected to

You may also conduct a search for the state that you live in. The majority of states have their official websites for finding unclaimed funds.

DoNotPay Provides Legit Help and Protects Your Privacy

DoNotPay is an app that can help you find unclaimed child support or lost assets that belong to military veterans in your family. If you have deceased relatives, there’s a great chance that you have some unclaimed funds from them.

DoNotPay can also protect your privacy by enabling you to use a temporary phone number. You can leave a fake phone number when signing up for services that require a phone number verification.

Aside from assisting you in maintaining your safety, DoNotPay offers a wide range of additional services that you might find useful.

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