Find Unclaimed Money in Nebraska the Easy Way

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It Isn’t for Everyone, but It Might Be for You—Unclaimed Money in Nebraska

Every state treasury has millions of dollars of unclaimed property lying around. Money from deceased relatives and unclaimed insurance money don’t always reach the intended owner, which means it ends up in state custody for safe-keeping. The average sum that is owed to an individual is often more than $100. Retrieving this money can be challenging because the owners aren’t aware of it.

What Is Unclaimed Money?

As its name suggests, unclaimed money is property that the rightful owner failed to claim. It consists of financial assets that haven’t reached the owner for one reason or another. For something to be considered unclaimed property in Nebraska, a particular amount of time needs to pass. The dormancy period depends on the type of property involved, as well as state and federal law. The current property holder may transfer most types of unclaimed assets to the Nebraska State Treasury after three years

Here are some examples of assets that tend to stay dormant long enough to become unclaimed:

  • Dividends
  • Security deposits
  • Contents of safety deposit boxes
  • Outstanding checks
  • Wages
  • Stocks
  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Money from deceased relatives

Individuals that are worried about not claiming the property on time shouldn’t worry. The state of Nebraska will hold on to unclaimed property indefinitely. Only the owner or their rightful heirs can claim it.

Why Does Property Become Unclaimed?

It’s hard to imagine that someone would leave their hard-earned money behind, but it happens more often than you’d expect. Keeping track of many different income sources, refund requests, or outstanding checks isn’t a simple task, especially when money can come in unexpectedly.

Here are some of the most common situations that can lead to unclaimed property:

  • Death of the owner with no contact information provided for assigned heirs
  • Forgotten safety deposit boxes, bank accounts, and insurance policies
  • Relocation to another state without a provided forwarding address
  • Company and bank shutdowns

The issue that connects these situations is a lack of the owner’s address and personal information. If a bank or government agency can’t reach the owner, they can’t notify them of unclaimed property.

Use DoNotPay To Avoid the Bureaucratic Process and Claim Money Asap

If you’re sure that some unclaimed property in Nebraska belongs to you, you should use DoNotPay’s extensive search feature to locate it. Our app analyzes a diverse set of unclaimed property databases. If you own unclaimed money in Nebraska—we’ll find it for you.

Access our app in your , and you can immediately start searching for unclaimed property. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open the Missing Money feature in DoNotPay
  2. Provide us with relevant information such as your full name and previous addresses, so that we can narrow down the search and find unclaimed properties in every state
  3. Check out the results from our search engine
  4. Press Claim My Property once you recognize a property that belongs to you

Our app will then take care of the bureaucracy and file the claim on your behalf. We’ll notify you once the claim is processed.

How To Find Unclaimed Property in Nebraska on Your Own

There’s no federal database that contains every unclaimed property. If you’ve moved out of the state and want to check abandoned assets, you should use multiple sources to confirm your ownership.

The official channel for claiming abandoned or unclaimed property in Nebraska is the State Treasury Unclaimed Property Division website. The website’s search engine can help you find unclaimed property in the state and let you claim it. The database isn’t perfect, but it can be a good starting point for your search. To find and claim property, follow these steps:

  1. Enter your name in the text box on the front page
  2. Fill in additional details that might help narrow down the search
  3. Press Claim next to a property you own and proceed to the View Claimed Properties tab
  4. Confirm your claimant relationship and press File Claim
  5. Enter your personal information, contacts, and Social Security number
  6. Press Next and submit your claim

The Nebraska State Treasury should contact you once they’ve processed the claim.

How Do I Prevent My Assets From Becoming Unclaimed?

If you want to avoid searching for unclaimed assets, your best bet would be to pay close attention to your current assets. There are a few ways you can make sure that you won’t lose track of different kinds of property:

Type of PropertyWhat To Do

Bank accounts

  • Keep the account active
  • Make occasional deposits or withdrawals
  • Contact the bank every three years

Rent deposits

  • Keep your previous landlord’s contact information
  • Update them on your new location

Insurance money

  • Notify insurance companies of your new address once you move
  • Respond to mail and calls

Outstanding checks

  • Cash checks regularly
  • Keep them in a secure location that you frequently access

How Do I Avoid Unclaimed Money Scams?

You will find scams in any scheme that involves money, including unclaimed property. Scammers are quick to take advantage of people who aren’t aware of how unclaimed property works. Here are a few telltale signs that you’re dealing with frauds:

  • The company soliciting you requires a fee for their services
  • You receive documents that request your personal information or Social Security number
  • They provide no proof of cooperation with the Nebraska State Treasury
  • They claim that the property will remain abandoned unless you act fast

It can get confusing, as the Nebraska State Treasury will contact you using different channels, including phone and email. You might even receive an official message through Facebook.

Telling the difference between legitimate and fraudulent messages can be difficult.

You can use DoNotPay and the State Treasury website to confirm whether or not you have property you can claim. If there’s a match, you can use these platforms to claim assets. If not, there’s no reason to return calls or letters, as they are certainly fraudulent.

DoNotPay Can Solve Other Day-to-Day Problems

If you believe other states have unclaimed money that belongs to you, DoNotPay’s job isn’t done. Our app makes it easy to find and claim unclaimed property in Alaska, Texas, Oregon, or any of the other 47 states. If you used to keep money in a Wells Fargo or Bank of America account in Nebraska, we’ll help you locate and claim it.

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