Here's How To Find Your Unclaimed Money in Ohio!

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Unclaimed Money Ohio—All You Wanted To Know

According to the research carried out by the Ohio Department of Commerce, this U.S. state currently has over three billion dollars in unclaimed funds waiting for their owners. Most people aren’t aware that they can still get all those long-forgotten funds they didn’t collect before.

If you wonder whether it’s possible to track down and get unclaimed money in Ohio without hassle, we will be happy to share some practical tips for doing it in the easiest possible way.

What Is Unclaimed Money?

Unclaimed money represents the funds or other types of property that the rightful owners never collected. Once the institution fails to contact the rightful owner, such funds are reported as unclaimed, and they enter the dormancy period. If the persons who are supposed to reclaim the money don’t do it within this period, the state considers the funds abandoned. This means that the dormant property officially becomes the property of the state until the real owners reclaim them.

Statistics show that Ohio has returned more than 134 million dollars in unclaimed funds so far by processing almost 37,000 claims. This means that people are becoming aware of this chance and trying to get the most out of this possibility.

Why Does Money Go Missing?

You might forget about your funds or property due to various situations and life circumstances. For example, when:

  • Your bank account goes dormant due to a lack of financial activity
  • You aren’t aware of the unclaimed insurance money you have
  • You have some uncollected goods in your safety deposit boxes
  • There was a bank failure after which you couldn’t retrieve your funds
  • There’s unclaimed money from your deceased relatives you didn’t know about
  • Your ex-employers were unable to locate you and pay you the earned commissions

Sometimes it takes decades to remember you are entitled to forgotten money or some kind of compensation. The good news is that you can always file a claim and get the funds.

Why Don’t People in Ohio Pick Up Their Money?

The reasons why Ohioans don’t claim their funds are numerous, and they include the following cases:

  • They are unaware that those funds exist
  • They can’t prove that the funds are theirs
  • The claiming process seems too difficult for them
  • They don’t consider the given amount of money worth claiming

Many people give up on their property as they believe that the claiming procedure might take too much time, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Before we explain the easiest way to reclaim the money, you should check out these ways to do it by yourself.

How To Find Unclaimed Money in Ohio on Your Own

If all you have read so far tickles your fancy and makes you wonder whether you have some forgotten unclaimed funds too, you can check this via:

  1. The official Ohio Department of Commerce website
  2. Phone
  3. Email

How To Find Your Unclaimed Funds via Ohio Department of Commerce

Checking the official Ohio unclaimed money database is the most common way of searching for uncollected funds. Follow the steps below to learn how to do it:

  1. Go to the official Ohio Department of Commerce website
  2. Go to the Find Missing Money section and enter your first and last name
  3. Enter the name of your city once you are redirected to Missing Money to narrow your search as you might get multiple results
  4. Find all your unclaimed funds on the list and click on Claim next to each of them
  5. Go to My Claims Cart and select Claim X Property/Properties
  6. Fill in and submit the webform

The information you provide in the form will help the state officials get in touch with you and discuss the matter.

How To Find Your Unclaimed Funds via Phone

If you prefer to check the database but you aren’t familiar with using online search tools, you should try to call the relevant department and ask them to have a look at the issue. Follow these instructions to do it:

  1. Dial 877-644-6823
  2. Explain to the official that you want to know whether there are any funds you can claim
  3. Provide them with all the necessary information, such as your first name, last name, physical address, etc.

As soon as they locate you in their database, the official will give you instructions for mailing the necessary documents. You will be able to claim your money once they receive the required paperwork and verify your identity.

How To Find Your Unclaimed Funds via Email

The third option is to start a correspondence with the relevant department. Here’s how it works:

  1. Compose an email explaining that you want to check whether you have any unclaimed funds under your name
  2. Include all the details you consider important—your full name, address, phone number, etc.
  3. Send the email to
Can You Find Your Funds ViaYes / No
Official Ohio Department of Commerce WebsiteYes

What Documents Do You Need To Claim Your Funds?

Before the state officials let you reclaim the funds, they will need proof that you are indeed the person to whom the money belongs.

Depending on the details you provide, the Division of Unclaimed Funds will let you know what kind of documents they need to verify your identity. The commonly requested paperwork includes:

  • Any document containing your Social Security number
  • Photo ID—a passport, driver’s license, state or work ID, etc.
  • Any document that can confirm that you live/lived on the address noted in the Ohio Department of Commerce database. It can be a mortgage deed, bank statement, divorce decree, insurance papers, birth certificate, etc.

Once you file a claim, the state will process it and decide if you need to provide any additional documents to receive the money.

How To Find Unclaimed Money in Ohio With DoNotPay

Fortunately, you can skip all previously described methods and find your unclaimed money in no time with our app!

Our advanced search tool includes databases from all U.S. states, which means that you can get the most accurate results in only a few clicks! Forget about being on hold for hours, waiting for an email response, or digging through the state databases manually.

To claim your forgotten funds fast, follow these steps:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Search for the Missing Money feature
  3. Enter the necessary details and your previous addresses
  4. Check the list of results and, once you find the funds you are entitled to, click on Claim My Property

By completing this procedure, you allow DoNotPay to file a claim in your stead and get that money for you as soon as possible!

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

You don’t live in Ohio? No worries—we have prepared tips that will help you claim your funds whether you live in Texas, Alabama, Missouri, Louisiana, California, or any other U.S. state. Learn how to get your unclaimed scholarship money and find out more about unclaimed money reviews by leveraging our learning center in any !

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