Find Unclaimed Money in Kansas in No Time

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Learn How To Find Unclaimed Money in Kansas Fast and Easy

There is more than $50 billion across the United States that’s considered unclaimed, and some of it might be yours!

You shouldn’t sit around and wonder as there are ways to check if any of the unclaimed money belongs to you.

Each state has its own rules about obtaining unclaimed property, so you need to learn more about the specific requirements. We will tell you what’s the best way of finding unclaimed money in Kansas!

What Falls Into the Category of Unclaimed Money in Kansas?

Unclaimed money is money that went dormant for any reason and is considered abandoned. Kansas has as much as $187 million in unclaimed property.

If the banks or other companies don’t find the rightful owner of the assets, the funds get transferred to the Kansas State Treasurer.

The unclaimed money will stay there until anyone who has the rights comes to claim it.

Reasons for Money To Go Missing

How is it possible for billions of dollars not to belong to anyone? Well, they did belong to someone, and they do belong to someone else now. All you need to do is find out if you are the rightful owner and come and claim it. You could be entitled to unclaimed money from a deceased relative, for example.

Take a look at the table below to see the most common reasons for ‘’money’’ to lose its owner:

Common Reasons for Money To Go MissingIs It Possible To Claim These Funds?
Bank making a mistakeYes
Death of the account holderYes
Refunds gone wrongYes
Not getting a utility deposit backYes
Moving to another address and failing to register itYes
Quitting a job and not claiming the final paycheckYes

Types of Unclaimed Money in Kansas

Numerous people lose track of their bank accounts, stocks, cash, and other property. This could happen to anyone, and the State Treasurer should do everything they can to help the rightful owners and heirs obtain unclaimed assets found in Kansas.

These are the most common types of unclaimed assets in this state:

  • Insurance money
  • Court deposits
  • Safe-deposit box contents
  • Dormant savings accounts
  • Stock and cash dividends
  • Utility deposits
  • Wages
  • Dormant checking accounts

Is There a Way To Prevent Money From Becoming Unclaimed Property?

Yes, there are ways for you to prevent your assets from ending up as unclaimed property. These are some general rules that can be applied to any state:

  • Try to keep track of your insurance policies, bank accounts, utility deposits, stock certificates, and broker accounts and put them somewhere safe
  • Keep in touch with all financial institutions and other account holders annually
  • Withdraw money from your accounts at least once a year
  • Make sure to respond to any mail from the institutions that keep your money
  • Update your financial records regularly and keep them in a safe spot
  • Cash your checks regularly
  • In case you change your address, let all the relevant institutions know where you live at the moment
  • Trust an advisor or a family member with the location of your records

No one can guarantee your assets’ safety and protection from ever becoming unclaimed property, but these tips should lower the chances of that happening.

Is There a Time Limit for Claiming Money in Kansas?

Owners or people who inherited the rights on the assets can claim the money whenever they wish. There is no time limit on claiming the funds, except in the following cases:

  • Stock properties must be terminated during the period of six months, but the proceeds are applied to the owner’s or heir’s property
  • Safe-deposit box contents need to be sold within three years, and money from the sale will go to the owner’s property

How To Find KS Unclaimed Money on Your Own

If you decide to look for unclaimed money in Kansas that may belong to you, there are a few options. Some institutions offer the social security number search, for example. Take a look at the table below to see your choices for the State of Kansas:

Can You Search for Unclaimed Money in Kansas viaYes/No
In PersonNo

How To Look for Unclaimed Money in Kansas Online

If you decide to search for unclaimed assets online, you will need to do the following:

  1. Visit Kansas State Treasurer website
  2. Type in the following info:
  1. Last or business name
  2. First name or initial (optional)
  3. Middle name or initial (optional)
  1. Check the I have read and understand the Property Search Disclaimer field
  2. Select GO

A list of unclaimed assets should appear if you have any right to claim them.

How To Look for Unclaimed Money in Kansas via Email

If you want to check whether you have any unclaimed money via email, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Write an email
  2. Include all the key info about yourself
  3. Explain why you are contacting the State Treasurer
  4. Send the email to
  5. Wait for their response and further instructions

How To Look for Unclaimed Money in Kansas Over the Phone

You can look for unclaimed assets in Kansas by calling 785-296-4165. Tell the customer service reps the reason behind your call and ask them to search for unclaimed assets using your name.

How To Look for Unclaimed Money in Kansas By Mail

You can also look for unclaimed assets in Kansas by sending a letter to Kansas State Treasurer Unclaimed Property Division, 900 SW Jackson, Suite 201, Topeka, Kansas 66612-1235. Remember to explain the reason for contacting them and ask them to look for unclaimed money you might own.

Use DoNotPay to Locate Unclaimed Money in Kansas

DoNotPay can help you find unclaimed assets the fastest way. We will also be the ones dealing with filing a claim for the property, so you won’t have to bother with such a tedious task.

To initiate the process, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Access the DoNotPay from your
  2. Find and click on the Missing Money feature
  3. Enter your personal info

We will go through all available databases, so you should provide your middle name and your previous addresses for a more efficient search. If we find unclaimed money that belongs to you, we will notify you immediately, so you can go and get it.

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