How to Get an IPTV Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

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How to Get an IPTV Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

IPTV is a growing market for online television. Both on-demand shows and streaming live broadcasts, IPTV makes it possible to enjoy television entertainment anytime, anywhere. While there are major online television providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime, there are also dozens of smaller IPTV providers with different and unique lineups and their own pricing.

With so many IPTV providers, how do you know which is the best one, or which is worth paying for? This is the perfect time to find and try a few . If you don't want to commit to a subscription after the trial, DoNotPay can help.

Where Can You Find an IPTV Free Trial?

IPTV does not have just one provider, there are dozens ranging from reasonably well-known to completely obscure. You can and should explore the options available to determine which IPTV platform has the shows you like at a price you can appreciate. We've put together six options for IPTV free trials currently available:

Where to Find an IPTV Free TrialFree Trial LengthPrice After the Free Trial Ends
IPTV Blaze24 hours$26/mo - $70/yr
DMTV Live24 hours$12 - $66/mo
CloudCast TV24 hours$25/mo - $90/yr
Area 50 IPTV25 hours$22/mo - $81/yr
GordoTV4 days$35/mo - $250/yr
NextGen TV24 hours$15/mo - $100/mo (one device)

How Do IPTV Free Trials Work?

As you can see, most last only 24 hours. This gives you just enough time to explore the platform, the selection, and try out the app. In 24 hours, you should be able to determine whether you are comfortable with their UI and if you are interested in the content available through each IPTV provider. However, it's not enough time to do more than a little binge-streaming on free trial time.

The one exception to the rule is GordoTV. While they have a higher than average price point, it’s easy to set up a free trial.

Here’s how to set up a free trial:

  1. Choose an IPTV Provider
  2. Sign up for the free trial
  3. Explore the platform and content in 24 hours
  4. Cancel or allow a subscription to begin

Will You Be Automatically Charged a Subscription After Your IPTV Free Trial?

Yes. In almost all cases, are designed to expire into paid subscriptions.

When you sign up for an IPTV free trial, you will most likely be asked to choose a subscription level to activate when the free trial is done. You only have 24 hours to cancel if you're not sure. Considering that the cost can range from $15 to $250 at that moment, this is an important fact to be aware of.

With the help of DoNotPay, you can plan ahead and even avoid the risk of an automatic payment renewal after your free trial.

Avoid Automatic IPTV Subscription Renewal With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

The IPTV market offers some tempting opportunities, but the last thing you need is an automatic payment after only 24 hours to test a platform. That's a very short free trial. Most free trials give you at least a week to cancel your account if you don't like the service. Fortunately, DoNotPay has a solution: virtual credit cards.

A virtual credit card is essentially a dummy card - not to be used for purchases, but instead to stop a purchase you don't want to happen. DoNotPay will generate a random string of numbers in lieu of a payment card. You enter these numbers when asked to enter your payment information and the system will temporarily accept it as a valid card. However, after the free trial is over and your "card" is charged, the charge will bounce, and you won't lose any money.

Your free trial can end gracefully, and you won't have to pay for a subscription if one of the many IPTV platforms wasn't for you. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a virtual credit card
  2. Start a free trial
  3. Enter the virtual card as your type of payment
  4. Enjoy your no-commitment free trial

There are a lot of IPTV providers to choose from and almost all of them have a free trial. You can pick up as many free virtual credit cards as you need to try them all out for free—actually free—with no strings attached.

How Much Will It Cost at the End of an IPTV Free Trial?

It depends on which IPTV free trial you're trying out and which subscription you selected when starting the free trial. Here is the pricing range:

  • The lowest possible cost we found in our research was $15 a month for one device on NextGen TV.
  • The highest subscription cost was $250 for a year of Gordo TV.
  • On average, you can expect to be charged about $25 for a month or around $100 for a year of IPTV after your free trial expires.
  • Unless, of course, you use a DNP virtual credit card, instead, which will cancel your trial for you so that the subscription does not renew.

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