How to Get Any International Call Free Trials Securely With a Virtual Credit Card

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How to Get Any International Call Free Trials Securely With a Virtual Credit Card

Let's talk about for a minute. In today's globally connected world, there are thousands of ways to connect with friends, family, and business colleagues overseas. But some international calling platforms over-promise and under-deliver.

In your quest to find a better solution for international calling, you come across tons of offers for "free international call trials" and "risk-free trial international calls." With these offers flashing at you like the Vegas strip, you start to wonder which offers are legit and which will only end up charging you.

We'll help unravel the insights you need to know about sampling those . And there's even a DoNotPay product available to help ensure you can take advantage of every international free trial calling experience without getting charged.

Are There Legitimate International Calling Free Trials Out There?

Technically, almost every is legitimate. However, what you want is to avoid scam offers. Some free trials require a credit card or payment information to sample. These are a few of the more recent international calling free trials or free minutes offers that might be on your radar right now. is a provider offering 10 free minutes and requires a few basic information details to begin the account setup process.

Raza promotes having the best rates for international calling to landlines and cellular accounts. It's an app-based service, currently offering an international calling free trial.


Talk360 is another international calling app that promotes the best call quality and the lowest rates. You can sample the free trial to call international and see for yourself.

PennyTalk International Calling Service

PennyTalk promotes a broad suite of calling services, including no-PIN dialing, free mobile app downloads, and, of course, $.01/minute calling to over 200 countries. You can download with your iPhone and enjoy 100 minutes of international calling as a free trial.


Rebtel offers free international calling without a WiFi connection. This service assigns numbers to contacts you already have on your phone, allowing you to reportedly make free international calls.

How to Go About Setting up an International Calling Free Trial

Depending on the international calling platform you select, you may have to create an account or online profile to access any free trials. These usually include your basic information including:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Location
  • Business Identification (if applicable)

Be mindful, however. Once you activate an account, you will likely also be required to check a box agreeing to terms and conditions. These might include opening yourself up to ongoing marketing efforts by phone, text, or email. And in some cases, to get the international calling free trial, you'll have to enter a payment method to get started.

Do International Calling Free Trials Auto-Subscribe?

Yes. Big yes on this one. Not all of the international calling platforms do this, but many do. So, when you're asked to include a credit card on file or submit payment information, read the fine print about canceling the international calling free trial. There will also be language describing how and when a free trial might turn into a paid subscription. Some might even be specific about a narrow window of time to cancel, making it hard to avoid that first automatic fee assessment.

How to Avoid Automatic International Calling Fees With DoNotPay's Virtual Credit Card

Even with the best intentions of canceling free trials, everyday consumers get duped all the time. It's easy to overlook the fine print or forget about a precise series of cancelation steps. And you don't want to keep paying for an account after your international calling free trial expires. What you need is the DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card.

You can sample all the international calling free trials you want without the worry! Here's how it works.

  1. DoNotPay randomly generates credit card information for you, including a number.
  2. You use this generated credit card to secure your international calling free trial.
  3. Once the trial expires, the credit card won't have funds associated with it.
  4. No funds exchange hands and your free trial-turned subscription gets canceled.

How Much Does International Calling Usually Cost After the Trial?

When calling internationally with any voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) service, you can expect charges. Even if the offer outlines a free calling plan after the international calling free trial, there is almost always some fee associated with the service, either per account, per call, or user. In general, international calling rates can range from as low as one penny per minute up to as much as one dollar.

How Will You Know if You’re Being Charged for International Calls?

Most free trial international calling providers will have an app or online account dashboard for you to access. All pending, current, or late charges should be visible to you in those areas. However, if you've provided a personal or business banking card, you can always look for charges to be listed there.

Not all companies will appear with the name of the service you're sampling either since many are sponsored by other entities. So, verify dates and amounts of particular calls made, even as part of an international calling free trial, to cross-reference. The FCC recommends you be mindful of "cramming," too, a method by which charges are lumped together to avoid detection. Start by reviewing these phone statement terms:

Itemized Call History: By Country - Minute Charges - Length of Call
Call Plan: Monthly - Pre-Paid - Pay-As-You-Go
Maintenance Fees: Mystery Charges - Admin Fees - Overage Rates

Other International Calling Alternatives

Some of the most affordable ways to connect with people overseas, with or without an , are with these additional services. This is just a sliver of the online call app communication solutions you have available to you. But they can be a great place to start your search.

  • Skype
  • WhatsApp
  • FaceTime
  • Telegram
  • Viber
  • Google Duo
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Line

DoNotPay Can Help With International Calling Free Trials and So Much More

If DoNotPay's Virtual Credit Card can help you sample all the international calling free trials you want, just imagine how easy it will be to tackle these other tasks.

  1. Canceling Forgotten and Unwanted Subscriptions or Memberships
  2. Getting Serious Revenge on Robocalls
  3. Scheduling Your DMV Appointment
  4. Contesting Your Stack of Parking Tickets
  5. Protection from Any Stalking or Harassment
  6. Signing up for All the Free Trials, Completely Risk-Free
  7. Dealing with Credit Cards
  8. Jumping Ahead in the Customer Service Phone Queue
  9. Suing Anyone in Small Claims Court
  10. Getting Prompt Compensation for Delayed or Canceled Flights
  11. Handling Bills You're Unable to Pay
  12. Getting Company Refunds and Chargebacks
  13. Getting Rid of Spam Email
  14. Elimination of Spam Text Messages
  15. Handling Traffic Tickets

International calling is just an essential requirement these days, whether it's for personal or business use. Just don't get caught up in those international calling free trials without the DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card. You can sample all the services you want with DoNotPay, and never pay a dime beyond the free trial expiration.

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