How to Get Inpatient Free Trial Program With a Virtual Credit Card

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How to Get Inpatient Free Trial Program With a Virtual Credit Card

Patients get admitted to health care facilities due to addiction, mental problems, or other forms of illnesses. It would be best if you had ample time to rest, quality health care, and assurance during that period. Unfortunately, out of over 36.2 million people admitted to U.S. hospitals each year, according to Statista, only a fraction of them has a fair chance of coming out victorious. One problem attributed to this is the high cost of inpatient admissions and unpreparedness. However, you aren't alone; DoNotPay can help you get an program.

How Does an Inpatient Program Offer Free Trials?

vary from facility to facility and the type of treatment you will be going through. Some pharmacies and drug distributors also have free trial programs, especially for mentally ill patients and addicts. Still, each institution/ hospital will be required to sign up to receive the drugs.

Addiction is a deeply rooted problem affecting North American countries and the world at large. The USA has over 19.7 million addicts who are currently hooked on at least one form of addiction, according to American Addiction Centers.

Drug addicts can get free services from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), which provides help through the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention and the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment.

DoNotPay can help you understand SAMHSA better and get quality health care services without dipping your hand into your pocket. We also appeal on behalf of patients whose applications have been rejected or are stalling.

Does the Inpatient Program Offer Free Trials?

Yes. Free trials are available for as long as it takes you to control your dependency on drugs independently. The program ranges from one to several months, depending on the addiction.

Because rehabs are funded by hard-earned taxpayers' money, endowments, and funds from charitable organizations, they aim at helping patients with financial problems. So, before you join the inpatient free trial program, you must:

  • Show proof of income
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be residing in the state where you want to get treatment from
  • Be lacking insurance cover

The program may also sponsor you to a private facility provided you meet the above-stated requirements.

How Can I Get Into Inpatient Programs for Free?

  1. Visit the state substance misuse center. SAMHSA maintains a nationwide contact list for every state you can use to reach out to substance misuse centers near you.
  2. You will provide personal details at the substance misuse center, including proof of income and residence.
  3. The rehab specialists will then plan the best treatment approach with you, including when you start.
  4. Travel to the rehab center with a trusted family member or friend to feel safe as you take a crucial turn in your life.

If you aren't accepted in the free trial treatment program, DoNotPay can help you appeal the decision. We further extend our services to cover paid subscriptions as well. In this case, we use Virtual Credit Cards.

Avoid Automatic Renewal With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

Virtual Credit Cards (VCC) are among the many unique and cost-saving services DoNotPay offers. A VCC is simply a randomly generated credit card number for online transactions.

A DoNotPay VCC is a single-use number that protects your credit card from auto-charging by subscription service providers. They are fast, secure, and separate from your plastic credit card information. Thus, they protect sensitive details from unwanted access.

Before using our VCCs, you must know:

  • They are single-use numbers
  • They deactivated soon after completing the transaction
  • The main aim of the card is to prevent being charged unknowingly; thus, you can't use it to make actual purchases

How Much Does the Inpatient Program Cost After Trial?

Inpatient treatment programs are expensive. According to American Addiction Centers, a rehabilitation program may cost;

1 month$6,000 to $27,000
3 months$60,000

This cost is distributed to boarding and accommodation charges, medical bills, consultation fees, and other specific services.

If free subscriptions are not available, you can use:

  • Subsidized coverage, which is partly financed by insurance plans
  • Sliding scale. SAMHSA helps low-income patients receive affordable services by allowing them to create a personalized payment plan that is within their financial boundaries with the rehab center. It means people living in abject poverty will pay the least amount, while those who are well off will pay a more significant sum.

How Does DoNotPay Work?

  1. Visit DoNotPay and enter the name of the company you want a free trial from on a free trial card.
  2. The system will auto-generate a VCC to be used for the transaction, copy the number and head back to the merchant's website to check out the order.
  3. Use the VCC to get a free trial.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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