Claim Your IdentityIQ Free Trial without Paying — Here's How

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How to Claim Your IdentityIQ Free Trial without Paying

Would you likewithout taking any risk? Identity theft on a global scale is two-fold. Hackers are smarter than ever at stealing identities, and the identity theft protection agencies are thwarting those efforts at every turn!

IdentityIQ is one such agency offering identity theft protection and credit monitoring and also includes antivirus software and a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to round out their services. Cyber activities like the ones IdentityIQ shields you from have exposed over 15 billion personal records in data breaches and $15 trillion in fraudulent credit card purchases in the past year alone.

Let's look at how you can get a free trial of IdentityIQ without any risk by using Virtual Credit Cards from DoNotPay. If you don't know what Virtual Credit Cards are, read on to learn how beneficial Virtual Credit Cards can be when trying to

What is IdentityIQ and Do They Offer a Free Trial?

With at an all-time high, it is rather nice to see a company like IdentityIQ offering such a well-rounded identity theft protection service. When you choose IdentityIQ as your safeguard against cyber-bullies, you get more than just identity protection.

IdentityIQ also;

  1. Protects any sensitive info like social security numbers, banking information, credit cards numbers, and any government-issued ID numbers
  2. Monitors your credit score through all major credit reporting agencies
  3. Protects your devices from viruses and malware attacks

And just to get you started with IdentityIQ they will let you take it for a test drive before you commit to their service. Read on for information about the IdentityIQ free trial!

How to Get an IdentityIQ Free Trial

IdentityIQ is a rare gem indeed. Most companies that offer you a free trial will only let you access certain features during the free trial as a way to entice you to convert your free trial into a paid subscription. Not so with IdentityIQ!

IdentityIQ will unlock all of its features for you to see the benefits of its product during their 7-day free trial and for your dollar you get;

  • 3 credit bureau reports and scores
  • Daily monitoring alerts from the 3 credit bureaus
  • Dark web and internet monitoring
  • $1 million in identity theft protection insurance
7-day free trial$1

Why Do I Need This Service and Are There Any Alternatives to IdentityIQ?

On average, there are 3 data breaches every day. Simply put, it is safe to say that at some point everybody's critical information has been at risk at one time or another.

Armed with your sensitive information such as account numbers, ID numbers, and social media information identity thieves have access to;

  1. Opening new accounts in your name
  2. Making fraudulent purchases
  3. Access via personal logins
  4. Opening new utility accounts under your name
  5. Apply for any 'lost or stolen' card by pretending to be you
  6. Make false police reports with your name and address
  7. Change address

Products like IdentityIQ will stop these thieves dead in their tracks and shut down the fraudulent activities before they have time to do critical damage to you and your family.

What Are Some Alternatives to IdentityIQ?

Protecting your identity across multiple devices has gotten to be big business as of late. That being said, most companies will partner with another company offering additional protection by bundling the two together.

For instance, the firewall/virus protection of Norton is combined with the credit protection services of LifeLock to create a package that is similar to IdentityIQ. But, the fact remains that they are indeed two separate companies providing this menu of protective services and therefore, their monthly price will be substantially higher.

In a side-by-side comparison, IdentityIQ outperformed all other cybersecurity/credit protection entities hands down.

What Happens When the Free Trial is Over?

As mentioned above, when your 7-day free trial has expired you will then be billed at the $29.99 per month rate until you cancel your subscription.

The best way to get your IdentityIQ protection service free trial is by using Virtual Credit Cards from DoNotPay.

Don't worry if you do not know how Virtual Credit Cards work as we are going to explore this solution in our next section.

IdentityIQ Free Trial Using Virtual Credit Cards from DoNotPay

DoNotPay was designed to level the playing and make awesome solutions to life's little nuances available to all. Using Virtual Credit Cards from DoNotPay is one of those solutions.

Here's how the Virtual Credit Card works;

  • DoNotPay will generate for you a credit card number complete with an expiration date and three-digit security code
  • There will also be an email address other than your usual one attached to the 'new card number'
  • Use this Virtual Credit Card just like you would for any other transaction requiring your card information to access a free trial
  • When the free trial is over and the company tries to bill your card there will be no money tied to it, so an automatic cancelation is all they can do!

Never get billed for something you don't want, don't need, can't afford, or simply just wasn't happy with ever again! Access a whole world of free trial offers and enjoy them without fear of being charged for the subscription.

What Else Can Be Accomplished by Using DoNotPay?

DoNotPay is your information hub for just about anything life can dish out!

Yes, by using Virtual Credit Cards DoNotPay can do that, too!

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