Get an HP Instant Ink Free Trial Without Giving Your Credit Card Info

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How to Get an HP Instant Ink Free Trial Without Giving Your Credit Card Info

HP Instant Ink is an interesting kind of service. It combines the principles of a commercial supplier with smart-device technology. Essentially, you sign up for a plan based on your print volume (pages per month) and HP will send you ink and/or toner whenever your smart printer reports that it is running low to the HP data service.

Considering how expensive printer ink can be, this subscription method really can offer you savings, but does it work with your printing and processing needs? An is your best bet to explore this unusual service for yourself. DoNotPay can help you make sure that the free trial stays no-strings-attached until you're ready to choose a paid subscription.

Does HP Instant Ink Offer a Free Trial?

Yes. It's not easy to find, but the HP Instant Ink free trial does exist. In fact, there are two very specific ways to get "Free months" (number of months unspecified). The first is a free trial associated with setting up your eligible HP printer. The second is a complete friend referral to the program.

The number of months offered may depend on current promotional offers and the country you are in.

HP Instant Ink Free Trial With Your Printer Setup

  • Set up your new HP printer
  • Use the HP-recommended method in the instructions
  • Sign up for the free trial within 7 days
  • Receive unknown months free

Ready to get an HP Instant Ink free trial? First, you'll need an eligible device. This includes most modern HP printer models that connect to the internet for diagnostics and management. In order for the HP Instant Ink program to work, your printer needs to let HP know when it's running out of Ink or Toner.

Here's the catch: You have to sign up within 7 days of setting up the printer with the recommended HP setup process—indicated in the included instructions. This means that once you register and connect your printer, you have 7 days before the free trial offer expires.

HP Instant Ink Free Months for Referrals

The second way to get free months on your HP Instant Ink plan is to refer a friend successfully using your unique user referral code. When a friend makes a new account and pays for their first month of Instant Ink, both you and the friend will get "free months.” Again, the number of months free is unspecified. For all we know, this could be anywhere from one month to a whole year. But most likely closer to 1 month than 12.

How Can I Sign Up for the HP Instant Ink Free Trial?

  1. Purchase an eligible HP Printer.
  2. Set up the printer online according to the included instructions.
  3. Within 7 days, sign Up for HP Instant Ink and register for the free trial.
  4. Choose a rollover subscription plan.
  5. Enjoy free months.

Does HP Instant Ink Automatically Renew the Paid Subscription?

Yes, the will automatically transition to a paid subscription when the trial expires. HP will ask for your credit card upfront. You will be asked to choose a subscription level before your free trial can begin. And you will need to fully cancel your HP account in order to prevent that free trial from quickly becoming a paid account after an unspecified number of months.

Avoid Automatic Subscription Renewal With DoNotPay’s Free Virtual Credit Card

The only way to avoid paying for HP Instant Ink after the free trial starts is to cancel your HP Instant Ink account. If you have trouble, you may need to contact HP support. DoNotPay can help with both, but there's also a way to prevent needing this extra help before it becomes a problem.

How can you enjoy the l without committing to a subscription? The answer is surprisingly simple and elegant: a virtual credit card. Here at DoNotPay, we believe that free trials should be free. No-strings-attached trials let you really explore the platform, and we can make any free trial into a no-strings-attached deal.

Here’s how our virtual credit card works:

  1. DoNotPay will generate a random string of numbers that becomes a virtual credit card.
  2. You sign up for free trials and enter the virtual number instead of your payment card number.
  3. The free virtual credit card will be accepted temporarily, but won't authorize any payment.
  4. When HP tries to renew you to a paid subscription, your free trial will simply end because no subscription can begin.

Getting a no-commitment free trial for HP Instant Ink—or any other service—is as simple as that.

How Much Does HP Instant Ink Cost After the Trial?

HP Instant Ink sets its pricing based on how many pages you print a month. The costs are affordable, but remember that you're not getting an ink cartridge every month. The costs are calculated to roughly cover (with some discount) the cost of ink cartridges at the pace you are most likely to need them.

Here are the subscription levels you could have chosen at the beginning of your free trial that will become your default cost when the free trial expires:

HP Subscription LevelPriceAbout How Many Pages You Can Print Per Month
Light$0.99/mo15 pages
Occasional$2.99/mo50 pages
Moderate$4.99/mo100 pages
Frequent$11.99/mo300 pages
Business$24.98/mo700 pages

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