The Best Way to Cancel Your Hotworx Membership

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How to Cancel Your Hotworx Membership

Memberships to gyms and workout facilities are notoriously difficult to cancel. You might assume that the innovative fitness program known as Hotworx would give its members a hassle when it comes time to end their subscription as well. Interestingly, Hotworx operates as a franchise organization, so experiences may vary depending on whether you are dealing with an authorized location or a third-party Hotworx Studio.

As a company with hundreds of locations nationwide, and hundreds more in the works, Hotworx is a hot sauna fitness craze on the brink of rapid expansion. In general, any Hotworx location you visit will offer the same standard membership contracts, complete with monthly obligations and cancellation fees. DoNotPay has all the inside information you need to successfully learn .

Everything You Need to Know About Your Hotworx Membership

draws in exercise enthusiasts with its innovative approach to health and wellness, which purports to detox the body through excessive sweating. Their pre-programmed 30-45 video sessions utilize a combination of infrared heat and isometrics in a private sauna-like booth to deliver intense workout results.

After your first free trial session, you probably signed up for one of Hotworx's monthly memberships:

Sweat HereUnlimited Access to One Hotworx Studio$59 per Month
Sweat EverywhereUnlimited Access to ALL Hotworx Locations$69 per Month

After choosing a membership and paying a $99 enrollment fee, you officially signed a membership agreement that follows a 90-day initial membership term. This means you are locked into paying upfront for the next three months. After that, your membership rolls over to a month-to-month payment model.

Canceling Your Hotworx Membership Right Away

What if you can't take the heat? If you want to cancel your Hotworx membership for any reason, your options will be limited. If you've just signed up for a Hotworx membership and changed your mind within the first few days, you might have the chance to completely cancel and reverse the membership. Here's how to cancel Hotworx right after signing up:

  • You can only cancel before midnight on the third business day after you sign the contract.
  • You may notify the studio in person, and they can even provide you with the form.
  • Otherwise, submit your cancellation request via certified mail to your regular location.
  • Allow 15 days from receipt of notice for the Hotworx studio to confirm.

How to End Your Hotworx Auto-Renewal Subscription

Due to the nature of their contract, Hotworx doesn't just lock its clients in for 90 days—it actually locks them in for a bare minimum five-month financial commitment. That's because Hotworx requires a two-month notice for cancellation of membership. Therefore, if you want to cancel after your initial three months, you are required to pay for the next two auto-renewal monthly subscription payments in order to satisfy the cancelation policy.

If this isn't made clear to you at the time you sign up, the Hotworx cancelation process will be understandably frustrating and expensive. Here's what to do when you're ready to end your Hotworx auto-renewal subscription:

  • After the initial program installment term, you may cancel your Hotworx membership auto-renewal with a 60-day notice
  • Visit your main Hotworx studio location to sign your cancellation notice in person.
  • You may also submit your 60-day notice via certified mail.
  • If you decide you want to rejoin Hotworx again in the future, full enrollment fees and monthly installment rates will apply, as well as any new terms.

Demand Hotworx Instant Cancelation

Your ultimate decision may be to terminate your membership with Hotworx before the initial 90-day term is finished. If immediate cancellation is needed for whatever reason, Hotworx is willing to work with you, but they'll also charge you.

Here's what to know about asking Hotworx for instant cancelation:

  • Instant cancellations can only be requested in person.
  • A $99 immediate cancellation fee will apply.
  • No further services nor access will be granted once an immediate cancellation is processed.

How to Freeze Your Hotworx Subscription

There's a reason subscriptions are so hard to cancel, and in the case of Hotworx it's because they want you to come back for their superior sweat workouts month after month. If you're feeling discouraged by how difficult the cancellation process is, or you're on the fence about leaving Hotworx, you might consider freezing your membership for a little while. Hotworx offers its clients the ability to suspend their subscriptions for a small monthly fee.

Here's how you can freeze your Hotworx membership:

  1. You may request a freeze in person or in writing and send via certified mail to your main Hotworx location.
  2. Freeze requests are granted in calendar month increments for up to 3 months.
  3. You will be billed a $9 freeze fee in place of your regular installment.
  4. You will not have access to any Hotworx studio during frozen months.

Cancel Your Hotworx Membership With the Help of DoNotPay

Depending on your personal circumstances, you may not be in a position to easily cancel your membership through your local Hotworx studio. In a perfect world, you should be able to cancel any service or subscription for any reason without any fees or consequences.

The next best thing is canceling your unwanted services with the help of DoNotPay. In fact, you can get the job done with the click of a few buttons. Here's the easiest way to cancel your Hotworx membership:

  1. Log in to DoNotPay and search for the Manage Subscriptions product.

  2. Provide the name of the subscription service you want to cancel.

  3. Provide your account details such as email address and username.

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