Get Hinge Premium Free Trial with This Virtual Card

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How to Get a Hinge Free Trial Without Giving Your Credit Card Info

Online dating apps have changed people's dating lives significantly. If you are browsing the internet for a reputable, free, and easy-to-use dating app, then you should consider the subscription. DoNotPay allows you to access all the information you require to get started with your Hinge free trial subscription.

Does Hinge Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, is an online dating app that provides a free trial for new members. Hinge offers a 7-day free trial that begins immediately after creating an account with the app. This way, you can decide whether you would like to continue using the service at a charge or do away with it altogether. Hinge offers free membership and preferred plans to new members.

Free Hinge Membership

Hinge's free membership lets you see potential dates, allows access to fundamental filters such as gender and age, and a custom standout feed. You can use Hinge's free membership as long as you want without any charge, although, its options are limited to:

  1. Ten daily likes.
  2. Limited access to filters such as religion and race.
  3. Six videos and picture uploads.

The Preferred Plan

Hinge's preferred plan has a 7-day free trial that when upgraded enables you to;

  • Unlock all filter features such as children, political affiliation, and ethnicity.
  • See people who liked your profile.
  • Send unlimited likes to other users.
  • Have options for daily roses.
  • Make in-app phone calls and video calls

How Can I Get a Free Trial with Hinge?

You can acquire hinges' free trial by following this procedure:

  1. Download the app.
  2. Create an account by filling in your information and necessary details.
  3. Choose a plan that you need, in this case, the preferred membership plan.
  4. When signing up, select your payment details, such as PayPal information or credit cards.
  5. Enable the required permissions and begin your free trial.

Does Hinge Free Trial Automatically Renew into a Paid Subscription?

Yes, Hinge will automatically renew your paid subscription after completing your free trial. Hinge's subscriptions automatically renew unless you cancel these auto-renewals. You must cancel your membership at least 24 hours before the renewal date if you do not want it to continue.

Avoid Automatic Renewal with DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

Most people often forget to turn off automatic subscription renewals only to discover the charged amount after seeing deductions they did not intend to incur. Such expenses can constrain your monthly budgets and disrupt your financial goals. However, you can avoid this by not entering your credit card information when signing up for free trials. Instead, you could opt to use virtual credit cards which DoNotPay has developed to save you money should you forget to cancel your subscription.

What is a Virtual Credit Card?

Virtual credit cards are temporary credit card numbers that various companies create randomly and may be used to join up for a free trial service or make online transactions using phones safely. They're linked to your real credit card, but they contain false credit card information, including a randomly created virtual credit card number CVV and the expiry date.

Virtual credit cards safeguard your financial information hiding your banking details and enabling you to set a maximum subscription charge that prevents automatic renewals on services you do not need. Thus, you can sign up for various free trials, and you won't need to worry about automatic renewals since the company will not have your authentic banking details. You may consider virtual cards as a one-time use-only credit card!

How Much Does Hinge's Subscription Cost After the Free Trial?

After the free trial is over, Hinge's upgrade plan will cost:

SubscriptionCost in $
1 month19.99
3 months39.99 save 13.33 monthly
6 months59.99 save 9.99 monthly

What Will Hinges’ Charges Look Like in My Statement?

If you decide to keep your preferred subscription after the free trial has ended, Hinge's subscription fee will appear on your credit card statements. The subscription charges will be visible on your credit card statement as follows;

SubscriptionFromHinge.coHINGE.COM*MGBILLINNETFLIXNOW*IGRKCNHT (855) 473-5769
HINGE.COM*ICTYUGHN 855-492-558 CA855-492-558 CANETFLIXNOW*IGRKCNHT (855) 473-5769
PaymentTo hinge.comHINGE.COM*ELISEPurchaseFrom
Authorization to hinge.coTWX*NetflixNow NYEPOCH.COM*ICFTTREK 855-489-987

What Are the Popular Alternatives to Hinge?

Hinge has various alternative dating apps such as:

Dating AppMonthly SubscriptionBenefits
AlovoaNo monthly subscriptions· Forever free with no limitations

· Ad-free

· Private and secure

OkCupidBasic $9.95 and $24.90 premium plan· Entails advanced search options,

· Ad-remover

· You can change your username

· Better messaging

· See who visited and liked you.

TinderPlus is $9.99, Gold is $29.99, and Platinum is $39.99 for people above 30 years.

For people below 30 years, plus is $4.95, Gold is $14.99, and Platinum is $19.99

· Search functionality accustomed on filters

·Geolocation services

· No ads and push notifications

· Facebook and phone number login

· Hide age and distance

BadooFree subscription and $9.99 for premium services· Combines photo album with instant messaging

· Unique features like virtual gifts

· Photo verification to eliminate catfishing

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