How to Contact an Inmate at Graham Correctional Center Easily

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How to Contact an Inmate at Graham Correctional Center Easily

Though the full name is John A. , most people refer to it as Graham, or GCC for short. The facility is located in Hillsboro, Illinois. It houses adult male inmates, with more than 1300 typically calling them home.

When you need assistance connecting with an inmate at GCC, DoNotPay can help. We strive to make the connection process easier and faster for your convenience.

Contact Details for GCC

Warden Glen Astin handles the facility along with the help of his staff. GCC opened its doors in 1980 and is now considered a . They participate in the kidney dialysis program when it's needed for inmates and offer additional treatment programs for various concerns, such as substance abuse.

Physical Address12078 Illinois Route 185

Hillsboro, IL 62049

Phone Number(217) 532-6961
WebsiteGraham Correctional Center’s Website
Fax(217) 532-6799

Sending Mail to an Inmate

You may write letters to inmates you know or participate in a prison pen pal program. When writing letters, make sure you are including traditional lined paper and essential photographs. Nothing else should be inside the envelope.

You cannot discuss details of violent activities, sexual encounters, drug use, or threats against the inmate, other inmates, or the staff at GCC.

Address the envelope in the following manner:

  1. Inmate Name and ID Number
  2. 12078 Illinois Route 185
  3. Hillsboro, IL 62049

Inmate Visitation

You need to apply for visitation rights. Once approved, you can visit with an inmate during designated hours. You must schedule this visit at least seven days in advance to ensure there is space available.

GCC utilizes Sign Up Genius. This allows you to see precisely how many timeslots are filled out of the ten available at any given period. Times are often set in two-hour increments, and inmates are allowed up to 3 per month.

They encourage you to call before arriving to ensure the appointment is going forward as scheduled. Sometimes, inmates get these visits taken away as a disciplinary measure, or illness at the facility makes it unsafe—Call 217-532-6961 when you arrive to receive your instructions.

When inmate visitation is not held, you may use the video method instead. The same rules and restrictions will apply.

Clothing Restrictions

There are numerous restrictions when it comes to what you can wear to your visit, including:

  1. No see-through or tight clothing
  2. No shorts, skirts, or dresses above your knees
  3. No clothing that resembles what the inmates or staff members wear
  4. No clothing depicting inappropriate behavior, including sexual activity, drug use, or violence

Can I Send Packages?

You can use certain vendors to send packages. You, yourself, can send books and publications as long as they are new and follow any regulations set by the prison. It is best to ask the inmate their restrictions or call the jail before sending them something to ensure delivery.

How Do I Send Money?

You have various methods available when you're trying to send money.

  • Money Order - Make payable to JPay and send to PO Box 260250 Hollywood, FL 33026. They cannot exceed $999.99. You must include the deposit slip that you can download online.
  • JPay - Use their website to add money to an account.
  • Global Tel*Link - Use their Trust Fund service.
  • Western Union - Visit a location in person or use their online option. Make sure you enter the appropriate code and state - ILDOC IL.

How DoNotPay Connects You Quicker

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