Sign Up for a Google Earth Pro Free Trial Using DoNotPay

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Sign Up for a Google Earth Pro Free Trial Using DoNotPay

Make no mistake: Google Earth Pro is a powerful tool that can show you how things look in other areas. So, it's natural you want a . The next question is: How are you going to get one without giving out your credit card info? DoNotPay can help you with that.

I Want to Try It Out. Does Google Earth Pro Offer a Free Trial?

No. Google Earth Pro does not offer a free trial. There is a caveat to the lack of a : it has to be installed on a desktop computer (or laptop) to be free. The mobile version isn't free and there still isn't a free trial for that.

No Free Trial, Huh? How Can I Get It for Free?

You have to use the desktop version. The mobile version costs money. Here's how to get the free version on your desktop.

  1. Go to the Google Earth website.
  2. You'll see three circles -- on the web, a mobile option, and a desktop option. Select the one you want.
  3. The free option is for the desktop. Click on that button (it's on the far right). Your screen will scroll down and you'll see a rectangular "download Earth Pro on desktop." Click on it.
  4. Accept the terms and download.

Since there's no free trial of Google Earth Pro, you'll have to have a credit card available for the mobile app.

Will I Ever Be Charged Automatically for Google Earth Pro?

There's no free trial for Google Earth Pro. Therefore, you'll have to pay to start from day one if you are using Google Earth Pro on a mobile device. This will be automatically paid each month using the credit card information you provided during signup. You can get a refund, but you won't be able to use the service on a mobile device. To cancel, you'll need to contact Google at least 3 business days before your renewal date.

Okay, so I Want Google Earth Pro for My Phone. I Don’t Want to Use My Credit Card. Any Suggestions?

Yes! Use a virtual credit card from DoNotPay! Here's what to do and how it works.

  • DoNotPay will set up a generated number and other credit card information that's backed by your actual credit card.
  • Put in the DoNotPay virtual credit card information into your subscription.
  • Provide funds for as long as you want the subscription.

Once you run out of money on the virtual credit card, your subscription ends. Easy-peasy.

How Much Does Google Earth Pro Cost for My Phone?

Google Earth Pro is not cheap and costs $399 per year.

What Will My Google Earth Pro Subscription Look Like on My Statement?

You answered your question without even knowing it. Your subscription will be found on your statement as "Google Earth Pro." This is great because it helps you keep track of your different subscriptions.

What Alternatives Exist for Google Earth Pro?

The alternatives for Google Earth Pro are shown below.

Google Earth Pro Alternatives
Esri ArcGIS
ArcGIS Earth
MapInfo Pro
ArcGIS Online
AutoCAD Map 3D
Global Mapper
GE Smallworld

As you can see, there are quite a few options and all of these have different advantages. You'll want to check them all out and see what best meets your needs. But, keep in mind, Google Earth Pro is free on the desktop. It's also worth noting that Google is one of the largest companies in the world and is often viewed to have the most expansive network, suggesting that the options on this list may not be as expansive as Google Earth Pro.

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