How to Start a Fusion 360 Trial The Risk-Free Way

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How to Start a Fusion 360 Trial The Risk-Free Way

Autodesk's Fusion 360 is cloud-based 3-D modeling, CAM, CAD, CAE, and PCB software program that is used in the world of product design and manufacturing. In addition to allowing users to create features and designs, it also makes it possible to edit existing ones.

Because Fusion 360 is so high-tech, you'll want to be sure it's what you need before committing to paying for it. One good way to give it a try is with a .

Does Fusion 360 Offer a Free Trial?

A does exist, and there are two main types of free use of the program.

  1. Fusion 360 For Personal Use.

Autodesk offers a free one-year subscription to Fusion 360 for schools, educators, students, and other individuals who are doing home-based, non-commercial design, manufacturing, and fabrication projects. Only qualified individuals are given free access to the service. Approvals are given through an application process and are done on an annual basis.

The free version of the platform offered through Fusion 360 for Personal Use does have some limitations. It does not allow the use of as many features as the paid version does. The free tier does not include features such as

  • Probing
  • Cloud rendering
  • Simulation and generative design
  1. Fusion 360 for Commercial Use

Those using Fusion 360 for commercial purposes can use the full-feature, paid version of the product and can get a 30-day free trial before deciding whether it is right for them. This free trial includes all regular Fusion 360 features.

How Can I Get a Fusion 360 Free Trial?

The steps to receive your vary slightly depending on what type of user you are.

Commercial version

If you would like a free 30-day trial of Fusion 360's commercial version, you will need to

1. Navigate to this website.

2. Indicate that you are using Fusion 360 as a business user.

3. If you are new to Autodesk, click on "Create an account."

4. Once you have created your Autodesk account, you will enter your email address to continue with the download of Fusion 360 for the 30-day trial.

Education and hobbyist versions

If you would like to use the one-year version of Fusion 360 as a student, educator, or hobbyist, you will need to

1. Navigate to this website.

2. Indicate the type of user that you are.

3. If you are new to Autodesk, click on "Create an account."

4. Those hoping to use the free version will need to go through a vetting process before being approved for use.

5. Once you are approved, you can download Fusion 360 for free use for one year.

It is not necessary to provide your credit card information when signing up. Be aware, however, that once your trial period has expired, if you are a commercial user, you will be expected to pay before being allowed to continue using Fusion 360. As a non-paying user, your account will simply expire at the end of the trial.

Does the Fusion 360 Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

Fusion 360 does not automatically begin charging you after your trial ends. This makes it different from many other companies that do expect your credit card information upfront and then begin charging you for their service if you fail to cancel your trial in time. Instead, Fusion 360 will simply stop functioning after your trial has expired, unless you decide to upgrade to a paid version.

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How Much Does Fusion 360 Cost After the Trial?

There are several different subscription and pricing plans that you can choose from as a commercial user of Fusion 360. Currently, these are as follows, although they are always subject to change:

Subscription PlanCost
3 years$987

You can also discuss custom pricing by calling 1-833-843-3437.

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