We Read All Flightright Reviews, Here's What You Must Know!

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We Read All Flightright Reviews, Here's What You Must Know!

Flightright is supposed to help you get a ticket refund from a canceled flight. Some poor explain how this company seems to be scam-worthy, not responding to calls and emails as they say they will. DoNotPay can assist you with the same service, and we can assure you we'll always be responsive and help fight on your behalf.

More About Flightright's Services

Numerous services are indicated on Flightright's website. They say they can assist you with:

  1. Ticket refunds
  2. Flight delay compensation
  3. Missed connecting flights
  4. Coronavirus cancellations
  5. Other flight cancellations
  6. Flight overbooking
  7. Strikes
  8. EU regulations
  9. Bad weather
  10. Denied boarding compensation

There have been plenty of people who had a worthwhile experience with the company. Some said they were helped promptly and in an efficient manner. However, Flightright can also be difficult to get a hold of, especially when their support page lists no details at all. Your best bet is to contact them via their social media sites, although some of those haven't been updated in quite some time, either.

Reaching Out to Flightright

If you would like to reach out to Flightright to have a problem solved, you need to select the problem you'd like assistance with. Then, proceed through the steps, offering the information they require. The website seems to be quite glitchy, with errors popping up, or nothing coming up at all to offer you information. If it does work, progress through the steps and book Flightright to solve your dilemma.

Try Their Socials

Using social media may get you the help you need if you run across a problem with their website or the services they say they offer. You can try reaching out to Flightright via their social media accounts:

LinkedInFlightright | LinkedIn
XingFlightright Gmbh

Flightright Pros and Cons

There are plenty of pros for using Flightright. Unfortunately, there are also some cons. You'll need to take a look at both to see if the site is a worthwhile option to try for your situation.


Some of the positive feedback about Flightright indicated:

  1. Fast Turnaround Times - Compensation is received within weeks in some cases.
  2. Easy Setup - Some say it's quick to set up an account and get started.
  3. Deducted Commission - Some users liked that commission was deducted from the refund received, rather than having to pay out separately.


Some of the negative feedback about Flightright indicated:

  1. Expensive Pricing - You have to commission the company to assist you, and prices are high.
  2. Lack of Communication - You may not receive a response for a while, especially after you've canceled your service with them.
  3. Failed Attempts - Some users specified they received messages that Flightright couldn't find a solution, and were encouraged to try themselves.
  4. Incorrect Banking Transfers - Some users specified that the money was not transferred to their account, and were given incorrect transfer details with no final solution.

The pricing is a major issue for some. Flightright's FAQ page details their costs. Although you don't have to pay a thing if they aren't able to help you, you will have to pay quite a hefty fee if they do win.

Expect to pay up to 30% of your final refund. Plus, the company charges an additional 14% if they have to take it a step further and get their lawyers involved in the process. You could lose close to half of the earnings you're entitled to because you paid Flightright to handle it for you rather than attempting it yourself.

Use DoNotPay for All Your Flight Refunds and Compensation Hacks

If the negative have got you down, don't fret. DoNotPay can help you with your flight refunds and any compensation hacks you're looking for. With a few answers from you, we'll quickly get to work reaching out to the airline company who wronged you and work on getting you a refund or other form of compensation.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Select "Airline Services" from the DoNotPay browser.

  2. Detail the travel agency or airline company name that's causing you distress.

  3. Pick which option best describes your situation

  4. Provide relevant information to your case, such as the original booking number, number of passengers, or confirmation number.

  5. Click submit and wait for DoNotPay to fight on your behalf.

We have ways to find other compensation hacks, such as using a virtual credit card when booking. It can help ensure you don't get charged before it's necessary.

Other Troublesome Sites DoNotPay Helps You Avoid

DoNotPay is here to assist you in any way possible. That includes helping you avoid troublesome sites that say they'll do one thing, and then do the complete opposite. We can guide you through facing problems with:

  • Experian Boost
  • FastWeb
  • FormSwift
  • Equifax
  • LifeLock

and more.

Extra Services DoNotPay Can Assist You With Promptly

DoNotPay handles numerous additional services. If you have some extra services you need assistance with fast, allow DoNotPay to help. We'll guide you through:

  • Analyzing a company's terms of service
  • Appealing a speeding ticket in your city
  • Obtaining an official copy of your birth certificate
  • Negotiating a car lease

DoNotPay has you covered on numerous fronts with prompt solutions for the troubles you're experiencing.

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