How To Sign Up For FFXIV Free Trial Securely With a Virtual Credit Card

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How To Sign Up For FFXIV Free Trial Securely With a Virtual Credit Card

Nothing excites an avid gamer more than the prospect of the next issue of the game they are currently beating. Final Fantasy has had a huge run and had a following just as big. Want to know how to get into the free trial for FFXIV? Well, DoNotPay brings you the cheat codes you need to get in.

DoNotPay offers many services even gamers can love. Gamers can be saved from pressing pause to deal with mundane affairs like paying bills or fighting spam when they are backed by DoNotPay. DoNotPay offers up a virtual credit card to save their funds from eroding by free trials they forgot to cancel.

Does Final Fantasy XIV Have a Free Trial?

If you want to but are not familiar with the MMO style of play, then I suggest you take full advantage of the 30-day free trial offered for the purchase of the game. Granted the game is a bit pricey on its own, so there is already a risk of losing some funds.

Final Fantasy XIV can be bought PlayStation 4 and 5, Windows, Mac:

  1. Standard Edition - Digital Download $59.99
  2. Collector's Edition - Digital Download $139.99

Each 30-day trial period can only belong to a single service account or to a platform that the license of the game has already registered. After the purchase of the game, you can count on DoNotPay to help prevent you from any future charges by requesting a free virtual credit card.

Need a Final Fantasy XIV Account?

Creating an account for the game is easy. Simply buy the game and follow the instructions to create your character. You will then have access to the log in for the website and forums. Be sure to get your virtual credit card before you download the game so that you can have it at hand when it comes to filling out your payment information.

Endwalker is the latest expansion for FFXIV and is therefore exempt from the free trial. You can upgrade for a fee:

  1. Standard edition - $39.99
  2. Collector's edition - $59.99

Remember that having a subscription alone will not help keep you in the game. You will need to keep the program updated, have a steady and fast internet connection, and a computer that can handle the massive amount of power the game uses.

When Does Final Fantasy XIV Charge for Their Subscription?

Like most subscriptions, you will be charged the day the ends. When you sign up you will have the choice of which type of subscription you would like to be enrolled in. These subscriptions vary based on length, type, and characters per server:

TypeLengthCostCharacter Limit
Entry-level30 days$12.991 character per server 8 max
Standard30 days$14.998 characters per server 40 max
90 days$13.99
180 days$12.99

All the subscriptions above require a valid credit card, debit card, game time card or code, or purchase of Square Enix Crysta–their own type of funding. Make sure you notate when the subscription will be paid, so you can budget for the fees at the interval you chose.

Don't want the subscription anymore? That's ok. DoNotPay can help you cancel the subscription, too.

Avoid Automatic Renewal With a Virtual Credit Card

Why use the subscription when I can get into the game after I buy it and then play it free for 30 days?

Most MMO games are continuously in development and changed. Some even have festivals and seasons where you can earn free items that can be traded for cool things. However, in order to try the game at all, you have to own it.

After you own it, DoNotPay can step in and prevent your accounts from being charged before you are ready to set up your subscription. Simply log into DoNotPay and search for a free virtual credit card to get started. The card protects your finances by not connecting their invoicing services to your funding accounts. It is only good for free trials that do not charge shipping.

Other Available MMO Subscriptions

The MMO world has been growing in the past few years, yet there were some, Like "The Sims Online" that have disappeared. You can try these games out if you want to expand your fantasy horizon:

  • The Elder Scrolls Online
  • World Of Warcraft
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Lord Of The Rings Online

No matter which world you choose to call your virtual home, you will have to pay for the game. "The Elder Scrolls Online" has a free-to-use platform after the purchase of the game. However, like most of the others, there are perks to having a subscription–like more inventory space, increased experience, and access to the DLCs without paying separately for them.

Choose which games you want to play carefully as the larger MMOs like these will cost you, to begin with. Subscriptions can be live changers (or savers) in the virtual world, but you will want to try them out first to see if they truly benefit your style and budget. Trust to be there for every step of the journey.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

We all would rather be gaming, but we have other obligations to tend to as well. See what other things DoNotPay can tackle for you so you can get back to the game.

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