Everything You Need To Know About Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility

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How to Connect With an Inmate at the Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility

, or SNMCF, is located in Las Cruces. The medium-security facility overlooks the Organ Mountains. A second facility opened in 1996 as a minimum-restriction option for an additional 330 inmates.

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SNMCF Contact Details

is run by Warden Ronald Martinez, along with Deputy Wardens Keith Miller and Oscar Trevizo. On the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert, nestled between the Organ Mountains and Mesilla Valley, the facility has amazing views to inspire every inmate and visitor. Even though it's settled back off the road, the facility is just minutes from the highway. It is about 13 miles southwest of the town of Las Cruces and an hour’s drive from El Paso, Texas.

Physical Address1983 Joe R Silva Blvd, Las Cruces, NM 88004
Phone Number(s)(575) 523-3200

After 3:30 pm: (575) 523-3223

WebsiteSouthern New Mexico Correctional Facility | NM Corrections Department
Fax(505) 827-8533
General Emailsnmcf.visitation@state.nm.us

How to Connect With an Inmate at Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility Yourself

Visitation With an Inmate at SNMCF

You must email snmcf.visitation@state.nm.us to request visitation. Provide the following:

  1. Your full name and email address
  2. The inmate's name and ID that you are trying to visit

When you arrive at check-in, you must present a photo ID. An officer will hold onto it while you are visiting and return it to you once you leave.

All visitors must adhere to a dress code. Dresses and skirts cannot be higher than mid-thigh. Skin-tight clothing is not permitted, nor are bathing suits, see-through garments, tube tops, spaghetti straps, flip-flops, slippers, steel-toed boots, hats, scarves, or bandanas.

*New COVID-19 protocols are in place for inmate visits. Both the inmate and the visitor must be vaccinated and have proof of this fact. Visitors must wear a face mask as well. If you cannot participate in in-person visits, video visits may be set up at the facility's discretion.

Visiting hours are designated by unit:

Monday8 am to 11 amHU4A
Monday12 pm to 3 pmHU4B
Tuesday8 am to 3 pmHU4A
Wednesday8 am to 3 pmHU-1A
Thursday8 am to 3 pmHU-1A
Friday8 am to 3 pmGeneral population
Saturday8 am to 3 pmGeneral population
Sunday8 am to 3 pmGeneral population

Level IV and those in restrictive housing can have non-contact visits on Saturdays and Sundays. Everyone is allowed a visit on a state-designated holiday.

Contacting an Inmate Via Mail

Inmates are not allowed phone calls or electronic communication. They are, however, allowed letters. When you write a letter to an inmate at SNMCF, you'll have to send it to a P.O. Box destination.

Write "Attention To": Inmate name and their NMCD#. You have to address it correctly if you want it to be delivered.

Attention ‘Inmate Name - NMCD#’

P.O. Box 639

1983 Joe R. Silva Blvd

Las Cruces, New Mexico. 88004

You must only send first-class mail in an envelope no thicker than a quarter of an inch. It should weigh no more than 3.5 ounces. Upon arrival, all correspondence is inspected to ensure no contraband or money has been included. You can include photos.

Do not use cologne or perfume to scent the envelope or letter when writing to your pen pal. You must also not use a scented envelope or stationary. You cannot send blank pages. Do not include lipstick, oils, stamps, or stickers, either.

If you wish to send money to an inmate, you can do so by sending it directly to the facility. Send it in the form of a cashier's check or money order, not cash.

The New Mexico Corrections Department is extremely strict about how you communicate with inmates. Any oversight or mistake in your addressing, content or even size of the letter may result in non-delivery. If your letter is too long, has graphic images, or any content is deemed inappropriate, it will be declined. If your loved one has been transferred, you may not know, and your mail will not be forwarded to them.

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