How To Sign Up For ENTRESTO Free Trials Without Giving Your Credit Card Information

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How To Sign Up For ENTRESTO Free Trials Without Giving Your Credit Card Information

If you or someone you love is suffering from heart failure, they're constantly taking a medicine cabinet full of medication each day. You talk to your cardiologist as each new drug hits the market to see if it's something that would benefit your situation. ENTRESTO is one of the latest drugs to hit the market, and it's designed to take the place of several of your other medications to limit side effects and costs.

If you're considering this medication, then you've probably heard about the . You worry if you sign up for the free trial that the pharmacy will continue to charge your credit or debit card long after the Entresto free trial coupon ends. While you're interested in taking this medication, you don't want the pharmacy to have carte blanche with your credit card information. DoNotPay can help you enjoy your and not get charged when the period ends.

Does ENTRESTO Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, ENTRESTO offers a free trial where you get a free 30-day prescription paid for by the company. There are some things you need to do for the free trial. This includes:

  • Get your doctor to prescribe the medication for you
  • Fill the prescription at an approved pharmacy
  • Give the ENTRESTO free trial certificate to the pharmacy when you drop off or pick up your order.

How Can I Get an ENTRESTO Free Trial?

There are a few steps involved in getting the ENTRESTO free trial. Here they are:

  1. Talk to your doctor and see if you're a good fit for this medication.
  2. Go to the ENTRESTO free trial page.
  3. Click the Let's Go button.
  4. You'll make your way through a series of prompts asking for specific information, such as verifying that you're asking for yourself, over 18 years of age, and your insurance status.
  5. There is a form you need to fill out with your personal details.
  6. Submit your personal information and then verify it.
  7. On the final page click the Sign Me Up button.
  8. You should receive the trial coupon in the mail.

Does the ENTRESTO Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

No, the doesn't automatically renew into a paid subscription. However, if your doctor wrote the prescription with multiple refills, and the pharmacy has your credit card details on file, they might go ahead and fill the refill before charging your card.

Not all pharmacies will automatically fill refills and charge your credit card, making it essential that you check with your pharmacy before dropping off the prescription. You might have the option not to have refills automatically filled. If not, the DoNotPay app has a way for you to avoid being charged.

Avoid Automatic Renewal With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

A virtual credit card is a safe way to ensure that your pharmacy doesn't charge you for refills after your ENTRESTO free trial ends. There are many benefits to virtual credit cards, especially when you use the DoNotPay app to create them. Here are three benefits to consider:

  1. With the app, you get to choose the business that can use the virtual credit card.
  2. When setting up the virtual credit card, you get to designate how much money can be charged to it.
  3. Your real credit card information isn't visible to the pharmacy that fills the prescription for your ENTRESTO free trial.

How Much Does ENTRESTO Cost After the Trial?

The cost of ENTRESTO after the free trial ends depends on your insurance. In some cases, you can get a copay card from ENTRESTO that allows you to pay a mere $10 per subscription or refill.

Your insurance company might have a higher copay, or you might be on a government program without a copay at all. If you don't have any insurance, your cost for a month's worth of ENTRESTO will run over $600.

ENTRESTO does have a program for low-income individuals to receive the medication at a heavily discounted rate. You might even be able to receive your monthly medication for free. You'll need to fill out the application on their website.

What Will ENTRESTO's Charges Look Like on My Statement?

The charges for your ENTRESTO will reflect the name of the pharmacy that fills your prescription. When picking up your refills, you can ask them how the charges will appear on your credit card.

What Are the Most Popular Alternatives to ENTRESTO?

After your free ENTRESTO trial, you might be interested in similar medications. Here's a look at a few of them:

Generic NameCost
Ivabradine$485.83 (5mg 60 tabs)
Lisinopril$12.59 (20mg 30 tabs)
Enalapril$40.82 (20mg 60 tabs)
Fosinopril$103.92 (40mg 90 tabs)
Perindopril$45.90 (8mg 90 tabs)

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay can help you with almost anything! Including:

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