How to Get an Encoder Pro Free Trial Without Using a Credit Card

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How to Get an Encoder Pro Free Trial Without Using a Credit Card

Encoder Pro is a real-time code lookup application used to deliver high-degree code and reference information for Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPS), Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs), and Procedure Coding systems.

Optum360, the company that owns Encoder Pro, offers a thirty-day free trial to new users to ensure that they feel what their service has to offer. However, there's a major caveat with this free trial when you're expected to enter your credit card information to access it. You don't have to put your money at risk, but you probably don't need Encoder Pro. DoNotPay can help you access with its virtual credit card.

What Is an Encoder Pro?

is an online real-time code lookup application used in medical billing and reference information. It's a product of Optum 360, a company dedicated to providing innovative solutions in various areas of the medical profession.

The program has monthly automatic codes that update throughout the year and help various practices that bill patients under Medicare and other private medical insurance companies. This software helps reduce rejected code due to improper coding.

The key features and benefits of this coding include:

  • Guarantees local coverage determinations and Medicare's Publications access
  • It allows you to choose from a variety of comprehensive arrays of modifiers for every procedure based on millions of claims situation
  • Provides suitable content from 12 medical coding and billing specialty reference books
  • Helps understand coding relationship for mutually exclusive and bundled procedures through Medicare CCI edits
  • Includes mapping content from PCS AND ICD

Does Encoder Pro Offer a Free Trial?

Yes. Encoder Pro has a free trial that allows new users to access and learn more about this service before buying a pro version. The runs for thirty days, and it will automatically cancel after this period is over.

You should note that these free trials are limited to one trial per application per customer. You don't necessarily have to purchase the software once the trial is done.

How Do You Get an Encoder Pro Free Trial?

Encoder Pro has different products you can try for free to determine whether it suits your needs. You can get a thirty-day free trial for the following products:

  1. Encoder Pro
  2. Encoder Pro for Payers
  3. Revenue Cycle Pro
  4. ASCE Expert
  5. Medical Reference Engine
  6. Drug Reimbursement

To access the , follow these steps:

  • Access the Optum 360 free trial page
  • Check on the product you want to access a free trial from the list above
  • Click "Next "at the bottom of the page. By clicking this button, you'll be directed to another page with "Sign in" and "Create an Account" options
  • Sign in to your Optum 360 account if you have an account or create a new account. While creating your account, you'll have to enter your credit card information. Optum360 accepts all major credit cards: Visa, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard

Enjoy your thirty-day free trial!

Does Encoder Pro Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Subscription?

No. You have to authorize an automatic payment renewal process if you'd like to continue using Encoder Pro services. There are three Encoder Pro versions that you can choose from. These options include

  1. Standard version
  2. Professional version
  3. Expert version

Encoder Pro Standard Version

The Encoder Pro Standard Version goes at $299.95. It allows limited access to the following features:

  • CodeLogic Search Engine
  • Color Code Edit
  • Coder's Desk Reference Lay Descriptions
  • Deleted Code Crosswalk
  • Automatic Monthly updates

Encoder Pro Professional Version

The Encoder Pro professional version goes at $549.95. it allows limited access to all features available with the Standard version, including the following features:

  1. Modifier crosswalk
  2. Medicare CCI Edits
  3. Cross-coder relationships from 12 coding and billing specialty reference books

Encoder Pro Expert Version

The Encoder Pro Expert version goes at $999.95. It allows access to all features available at the Professional version, including the following features:

  • An enhanced compliance editor
  • Free calculator
  • Complete NCD/LCD policy view
  • Claim scrubbing and repair available

Users can also opt for a list per user option, which goes for $299.95 per user.

How Do You Avoid Encoder Pro Automatic Renew With DoNotPay?

With DoNotPay virtual credit card, you can rest assured that you won't renew any of the Encoder pro versions listed above if they don't suit your expectations. All you have to do is provide us with your credit card information, and we'll create a "fake" credit card that you can use to create an Optum 360 account. Since this credit card doesn't have any money, you don't have to worry about the possibility of automatic renewal of your subscription once the thirty-day trial is over.

What Other Services Can I Get From DoNotPay?

Our services are not limited to helping you determine whether Encoder Pro software is suitable for your medical billing and pricing needs. You can use our services in solving almost any type of problem, such as:

Handling issues related to your credit cardCanceling membership and subscriptions
Effective contact with Customer Service RepresentativesSuing individuals and companies in Small Claims Court
Dealing with bills you're Unable to Pay to

Sign up today and let's help you create a virtual credit card that you can use to test your Encoder Pro software.

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