How to Get EagleView Free Trial The Risk-Free Way

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How to Get EagleView Free Trial The Risk-Free Way

EagleView is a geospatial technology company that was originally formed in 2008 to provide aerial measurement technology for buildings and land areas. Today, they have expanded with services, such as aerial imagery, property data, damage detection software, and more. EagleView works mainly with companies and governmental departments.

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Does EagleView Offer Free Trials?

No, does not offer free trials on products or services. However, they do offer ways in which to see how their products work. The following are two ways to test EagleView products before purchasing:

Downloadable Sample Reports

These reports can be specified according to the industry you work in and/or need. The report can be downloaded in any of the following formats:

  • PDF file
  • XML file
  • JSON file
  • DXF file

Product Demo

When choosing to see a product demo, you will need to fill out a form. The form is used to help the sales team by giving them insight into what type of demo you would need to see or try.

How to Sign Up for an EagleView Free Demo and Sample Report

To sign up for the EagleView free report or demo, go to EagleView's website. You can scroll down to see the Request Demo and Download Sample Report tabs. To fill out either form, you will need the following information:

  1. Full Name
  2. Email
  3. Company's Name
  4. Company's Industry
  5. Phone Number

When requesting a demo, you will also need the following two pieces of information:

CountryEagleView offers their services in the USA, India and the UK. They ask for which country you are from in order to have the appropriate sales team contact you to give you the right demo.
"How Can We Help You?" QuestionIn this section, it is a good idea to include that you are seeking a free demo for a specific product. This ensures that you are looking to try out a product before looking to buy a product.

Does EagleView Automatically Charge You After Trying a Free Demo or Report?

No, EagleView doesn't charge you after a demo or sample report. In order to purchase an Eagleview product or service, you need to talk with their sales team. Since EagleView works mainly with companies and governments, it is important for the sales team to talk with the organizers of the company or those within the specific governmental department to see which products best suit their needs. Since prices ultimately depend on the type of service or product needed, EagleView doesn't provide a list of prices for their products or services.

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