How to Get a Dragon NaturallySpeaking Free Trial Without Using Your Credit Card

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How to Get a Dragon NaturallySpeaking Free Trial Without Using Your Credit Card

Looking for a speech recognition tool that breaks down the audio of a speech into sounds before transcribing the sounds into text? Dragon NaturallySpeaking is here to save the day.

Few speech recognition services can help you create high-quality documentation as Dragon NaturallySpeaking does. Since launching in 1997, Dragon NaturallySpeaking has become a much sought-after speech recognition software. Its current version was released in 2016.

Wondering if there is a ? Read on to learn more.

Does Dragon NaturallySpeaking Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, signing up gets you a one-week free trial. The free version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking works pretty well, especially for those using a speech recognition tool for the first time. However, if you're a seasoned user of speech recognition tools, you'll miss the premium features that come with the paid plans of the software.

Some of the features and capabilities you get with the free trial include:

  • Continuous dictation without a word limit
  • 99% accuracy with powerful voice formatting and editing
  • Access to auto text and customized words across different devices
  • Document sharing via Evernote, Dropbox, email, and more

It's best to remember that not everyone can enjoy the free trial. Here are the conditions for qualifying for a:

  1. You must be a new user
  2. Only one account qualifies for the free trial. When the trial period ends, you either opt-out or upgrade to a paid subscription

How Can I Get a Dragon NaturallySpeaking Free Trial?

Getting the is easy. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Dragon NaturallySpeaking website/mobile app
  2. Scroll down to the 1-week free trial section of the webpage, then click "Get it Now"
  3. The free trial is automatic, so choose whether you prefer the monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscription
  4. Type in your name, email address, and credit card information, then click "Submit"
  5. Accept their terms and conditions, then wait for a confirmation email to validate your trial account

After validating your Dragon NaturallySpeaking account, you'll be able to check out the service across multiple devices. The service will send you regular emails about discounts and offers you may find useful. You may also receive spam emails. If that happens, use DoNotPay to stop Dragon NaturallySpeaking spam emails.

Does the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

Yes, the seven-day NaturallySpeaking trial renews to either a monthly or yearly subscription depending on your preference when signing up. You'll get notified 24 hours before the trial period ends so that you cancel your subscription.

If you fail to cancel your NaturallySpeaking free trial, it will roll over to an auto-renewing monthly or yearly subscription. As such, the subscription fee will get deducted from your bank account. After canceling your trial, your subscription will continue for the entire period, but you won't get billed at the end. Likewise, you can re-activate your trial before it gets canceled. All you need to do is revert the product status to "ON."

Avoid Automatic Renewal With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

It's easy to forget about canceling a free trial subscription, and this may see you getting upgraded to a paid subscription. Indeed, nothing sucks more than paying for a service you don't need or use, but the DoNotPay credit card makes things a lot easier for you.

When you create an account on NaturallySpeaking using DoNotPay, they will generate a random number and credit card information. When providing your billing information, you can use these in place of your bank account details. Since the virtual credit cards don't have any money, NaturallySpeaking won't charge you when the trial period ends. Instead, you'll get unsubscribed automatically.

How Much Does Dragon NaturallySpeaking Cost After the Trial?

Once your free trial ends, you can upgrade to several monthly, annual, or lifetime plans. Besides, you can choose a subscription plan according to your professional needs as outlined in the comparison table below.

Dragon Professional Individual$500Lifetime
  • Up to 99% speech recognition accuracy
  • Personalized voice-driven experience
  • Fast response times, minimal latency
Dragon Legal Individual$500Lifetime
  • Unprecedented legal documentation
  • Better productivity increases billable hours
  • Automatic formatting of legal jargon
  • Syncs with Dragon Anywhere mobile app
Dragon Anywhere$150Annual
  • Create documents of any edit, format, & length
  • Unlimited dictation to the cloud
  • Faster dictation with high dictation accuracy
  • Powerful voice formatting and editing
Dragon Anywhere$15Monthly
  • Dictate documents of any length
  • Easy sharing via cloud
  • Subscription can be cancelled any time

What Will Dragon NaturallySpeaking Charges Look Like on My Statement?

When you get billed by Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the charges may appear in either of the following ways:

  • GOOGLE *NUANCE DIG SV INC 855-492-5538 CA
  • NUANCE NOW (855) 942-6669 NUANCE.COM
  • NUANCE NOW (855) 942-666 NUANCE.COM NY
  • NUANCE Now (855) 94httpsNUANCE.comny
  • GOOGLE *NUANCE DIG SV IN 855-836-3987 CA
  • NUANCE NOW (855) 942-6669 8559426669
  • NUANCE Dig Sv In CA
  • NUANCE NOW (855) 942-6669
  • NUANCE NOW (855) 942- NUANCE.C

What Are the Most Popular Alternatives to NaturallySpeaking?

You can use these speech recognition services as an alternative to Dragon NaturallySpeaking:

  • Speechlogger
  • Speechmatics
  • Webshuttle
  • Crescendo Speech Processing

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Besides helping you to experience the Dragon NaturallySpeaking free trial, DoNotPay provides numerous benefits, including:

If you're looking for any of the above services, do not hesitate to today.

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