How to Manage a Discord Nitro Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

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How to Manage a Discord Nitro Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

Getting a exposes you to Discord's premium features at no fee. Discord Nitro is a video, text, and chat product by Discord. While it's possible to get by on Discord without spending a dime, Nitro offers some enticing features for Discord power users. You can customize your profiles with animated avatars and banners, enjoy bumped-up file size limits for videos and photos, and stream share in higher definition.

While free trials are an exciting way to try out new products without charges, there are a few caveats. Users tend to forget free trial subscription dates and fail to cancel on time. While this is a common flaw, it may cost you economically. Some companies automatically renew your free trial into a paid subscription when you fail to cancel on time. Luckily DoNotPay has an easy and efficient way to avert this risk.

Does Discord Nitro Offer a Free Trial?

if you are not an existing or former Discord Subscriber. The free trial gives you free access to Discord Nitro starting the day you initiate the Free Trial by uploading your payment information.

Free Trial Features

The Discord Nitro free trial gives you full access to its premium features:

  • Animated Avatar: You can apply Gifs as profile avatars, and they will play on all your servers or streams.
  • Custom Tag: You can modify or customize the numerical tag that accompanies your username.
  • Custom emojis on every server: In the free version, you can only use custom emojis on the server it was built on. Discord Nitro allows you to use them in DMs and several servers.
  • Enhanced screen sharing quality: Discord Nitro gives you access to 720p and 1080p video qualities.

How Can I Get a Discord Nitro Free Trial?

Follow the following steps to get the :

  1. Download the XBOX application, install it and run it.
  2. Launch the application: Sign in with your account or establish a new one with Outlook. Then add a random gamer tag and finish the registration process.
  3. Get a game pass from the game pass panel.
  4. Join the game pass.
  5. Buy the game pass for $1 and receive free Nitro as a bonus.

Does the Discord Nitro Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

If you don't cancel before the expiration of the Free Trial, the payment method you supplied will be automatically charged at the current monthly price. Also, if you don't cancel afterward, your Discord subscription will automatically renew each month.

How to Manage the Discord Nitro Free Trial On Your Own Without Getting Charged

To avoid getting charged upon the expiry of your Discord Nitro free trial, you can set up online reminders. This will ensure you keep up with all necessary dates. Also, ensure you make your cancellation at least 24 hours before expiry. While reminders can be pretty helpful, you may miss them when you get too busy with other tasks. However, DoNotPay offers a fail-safe alternative to get around this.

How Do I Cancel the Discord Nitro Free Trial?

You don't want to keep using Discord Nitro? Here's how you can terminate your subscription:

  1. Open the Discord app and login in with the account you wish to deactivate.
  2. Select your profile in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Discord Nitro and hit the cancel icon.
  4. Click confirm after answering the cancellation prompt.
  5. Your subscription will be terminated.

Avoid Automatic Renewal With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

With DoNotPay's Virtual credit card feature, you can enjoy your Discord Nitro free trial without any fear of unintended billing. We generate randomized numbers and credit card information for you so that you don't put your credit card on the line. As our free virtual credit cards are not loaded with money, your subscription will automatically cancel with no losses on your end. We can also cancel your subscription in advance through our automated system.

How Much Does Discord Nitro Cost After the Trial?

Discord Nitro Costs:

  • $9.99 monthly
  • $99.99 yearly

Discord Nitro Classic:

  • $4.99 a month
  • $49.99 a year.

What Are the Most Popular Alternatives to Discord Nitro?

TeamspeakTeamSpeak is the most used VoIP communication technology for online gaming. As a Discord alternative, TeamSpeak employs crystal clear sound to enable you to connect with teammates across platforms with military-grade cyber protection, low-latency performance, and unsurpassed reliability in the industry.
ChantyA project management and team communication app. It allows you to communicate with your colleagues via chat and voice messaging, as well as audio and video conferences. With Chanty, you can manage tasks from a single location, convert communications into tasks and allocate them to your team members. You can also integrate Chanty with third-party apps like Asana, Dropbox, Maven, Google Calendar, Onedrive, Skydrive, Reddit, Gradle, Wireshark, and Mailchimp to increase productivity.
RaidcallYou should check out RaidCall if you're looking for a Discord substitute that accommodates large groups and polls. Raidcall is a popular in-game VoIP application. It has numerous functions, including speech recording, voice reduction, poll announcements, and file and link sharing.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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