How to Access Dayvigo Free Trial Easily With a Virtual Credit Card

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How to Access Dayvigo Free Trial Easily With a Virtual Credit Card

Sleep is an important part of our daily activities and essential for overall well being. During sleep, our bodies rest and rejuvenate in preparation for the next day. More often than not, we suffer from sleeping problems, making it hard for us to regain the much-needed rest and energy. Two points to remember:

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Dayvigo is a prescription-only drug. However, you can qualify for a free trial depending on your condition. DoNotPay gives you the easiest and convenient way to when you need it the most. Read on to understand how you can get this rare free trial opportunity.

Does Dayvigo Have a Free Trial?

Yes, Dayvigo has free offers for qualified patients. You can get a 10-day free Dayvigo usage if your medical care provider finds you fit to use Dayvigo.

The free trial is not available to all Dayvigo users. Only uninsured patients can be considered for the Patient Assistance program, which offers free trials.

What Are the Terms and Conditions of Dayvigo Free Trial?

Patients are awarded a free trial voucher after a successful cross-examination through the Patient Assistance Program. The free trial lasts for 10 days and the voucher can only be redeemed once. Below are the terms and conditions for a successful Dayvigo free trial:

1. Conditions for Patients

  • You must provide the free trial voucher immediately after you receive your prescription
  • Hand in the voucher together with the prescription for Dayvigo to your pharmacist to access your free trial
  • Do not get your voucher back after handing it in

2. Conditions for Pharmacists

  • Only dispense up to ten 5 mg Dayvigo tablets per voucher
  • Only receive the vouchers accompanied by valid prescriptions
  • The voucher redemption is limited to once per person
  • Always refer to restriction and terms for use
  • The voucher should remain attached to the original prescription and retained by the pharmacy for audit

3. Restrictions and Conditions for Use

  • Each Dayvigo free trial voucher is redeemable only once
  • One person can only benefit from a Dayvigo free trial voucher once
  • Dayvigo free trial vouchers are not eligible for refills or drug substitution
  • Dayvigo free trial vouchers are not valid through mail-order pharmacies
  • The coupon might not be acceptable to all pharmacies
  • A Dayvigo free trial voucher is not medical insurance
  • No one can submit a reimbursement claim for the Dayvigo free trial voucher to any third party company such as Medicare and Medicaid
  • It is against the federal law to sell, purchase, trade, or counterfeit the free trial voucher
  • Illegal handling of the voucher calls for a fine of up to $250,000 or 10-year imprisonment or both
  • The coupon is useless outside the USA and any other prohibited place
  • You must be older than 18 years to use this voucher

Does the Dayvigo Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

No, the Dayvigo free trial does not automatically renew into a paid subscription. Once you redeem the free trial voucher once, you can opt to continue using the drug or not. If you decide to continue with the usage of the drug, you will have to purchase it from your nearest pharmacy.

How Much Does Dayvigo Cost?

The actual price for a 30-day Dayvigo prescription is $294.25. Very few pay this total amount. The variations on the price are as follows:

Users Under Commercial InsurancePatients under private or work insurance pay an average of $38 per month. 90% of these patients pay under $35 for a month's prescription.

Patients eligible for DAYVIGO Instant Savings Card pay as little as $30 per month.

Users Under Medicare and MedicaidPatients under Medicare, part D coverage, pay an average of $27 per month. The drug coverage and cost depend on your phase of part D coverage.

You may receive additional financial support from the Extra Help program if you qualify for a low-income subsidy.

DAYVIGO monthly subscription for patients under Medicaid coverage is $48 per month.

Uninsured PatientsUninsured patients must pay the total listed amount, $294.25, plus additional pharmacy-related charges depending on where the medication is purchased. Uninsured patients might be eligible for DAYVIGO Patient Assistance Program.

Get Free Trials With the Help Of DoNotPay

Most free trial platforms require you to input your banking details during the subscription. These details allow the platforms to bill you automatically once the free trials are over. DoNotPay has a fantastic tool that will enable you to subscribe for free trials without using your credit card.

Through the DoNotPay Virtual credit card generator, you get a virtual credit card to use on all your free trial platforms. The virtual credit card is a unique, randomly generated credit card number combination that you can use successfully.

Here are the advantages of using our virtual credit card:

  • Safety of our back details since they're not linked to the free trial subscription
  • You are not committed to any monthly subscription
  • No unplanned bills from automated billing on free trials
  • They look like regular credit cards, thus usable on almost all

However, you do not need a credit card to use the Dayvigo Free trial, as the trial does not ask for any commitment.

What Else Can DoNotPay Help Me With?

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