Sign Up for a CocoFax Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

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Sign Up for a CocoFax Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

CocoFax is an online fax service. Although people are transitioning to scanning and emailing, sending faxes still has a place in commercial correspondence. For example, users like the availability of proof of message receipts, which comes in handy in government communications. Also, it can be a faster medium when using an alphabet other than the English one.

Wondering if there is a ? Read on to learn more.

Can You Get a Free Trial with CocoFax?

There is an option to sign up for a 14-day . However, you need to give a credit card number at the time that you set up the account. The company uses it to switch to a monthly plan after 14 days.

How to Sign Up for a CocoFax Free Trial

Starting the process involves four simple steps:

  1. Choose a country.
  2. Determine whether you want a local or toll-free number.
  3. Pick out an area code if you decide to stay local.
  4. Fill in your contact information and define a password to create an account.

The name you select will be printed on outgoing faxes. Incoming faxes go to the email address you give.

How Does CocoFax Renew Its Service After the Trial?

If you like what you see during the , the company gives you the opportunity to sign up for its five-tiered service. The customer who agrees to be billed yearly has the option of saving money.

TierNumber of Pages Per MonthSubscription Fee
Monthly Annual
Premium400 + additional features such as sending faxes to multiple recipients, integrating Slack, or porting a fax number.$16.99$24.99
Business1,200 pages and five users + additional features blacklisting and label management$24.99$34.99
Enterpriseà la carte serviceDependent on featuresDependent on features

DoNotPay Virtual Credit Cards Stops Automatic Renewal Charges

Since the service requires a credit card to set up for the free trial, the company already has your account information to just keep billing you. CocoFax does not allow you to downgrade the service via its dashboard; you can only go up. Any downgrades or cancellations have to be done by email. If you want to request a refund, you have 30 days after your subscription to tell the company why you are quitting before they will process a refund.

If you forget to cancel, you will continue to be charged, even if you no longer need the service at the level you chose. DoNotPay wants to help you save money. Rather than being on the hook for the fees simply because the business has your information, virtual credit cards let you take back control of the situation.

DoNotPay sets up a card account that CocoFax accepts during the sign-up process. When you stop funding it, the company cannot withdraw any more money. Instead of having to ask to have your account canceled, the business does it for you.

How Much Does CocoFax Charge in Addition to Tiered Services?

Having a free virtual credit card from DoNotPay also comes in handy also when you want to eliminate the add-on charges. In addition to the tiers, CocoFax charges extra for pages that go over the monthly maximum.

  • Lite - $ 0.2 per page
  • Basic - $ 0.1 per page
  • Premium - $ 0.08 per page
  • Business- $ 0.06 per page
  • Enterprise. $ 0.05 per page

Popular Alternatives to CocoFax

Here are some alternatives to CocoFax:

  1. eFax. Sign up for the Plus service at $14.13 a month, or the Pro tier for $16.63. Corporate clients negotiate their fees à la carte. However, there are setup fees and page limitations.
  2. HelloFax. The service also offers a tiered approach to faxing. Costs range from $9.99 for a home office to $39.99 per month for a small business.
  3. Fax.Plus. The cloud-based service mimics the tiers of CocoFax and charges from $4.99 to $49.99.

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