How to Use Virtual Credit Cards for a Club Pogo Free Trial

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How to Use Virtual Credit Cards for a Club Pogo Free Trial

Are you constantly finding yourself staring at your credit card statement month after month and realizing that you forgot to cancel your free trials of various products?

It happens every day. You forget to cancel your subscriptions during the free trial period. And now you have a subscription to a service or product that you don't need, can't afford, or you simply were not impressed with.

Let's take a look at the , and how you can use a Virtual Credit Card from DoNotPay to protect you and your bank card. With a virtual credit card you never have to worry about being charged for a subscription ever again.

What Is Club Pogo and Do They Offer a Free Trial?

Club Pogo is the paid subscription element of Pogo, an online gaming platform. When you subscribe to Club Pogo, you get a of the service for seven days.

Club Pogo offers its subscribers discounts and the opportunity to unlock other benefits with tokens and badges throughout their games. Perhaps the biggest selling point for Club Pogo is the fact that it is ad-free for a seamless gaming experience.

The two free versions of Pogo have fewer benefits and annoying pop-up ads that can interrupt your gameplay for up to 20 seconds at a time.

How Much Does a Club Pogo Subscription Cost?

According to the Pogo website, your card will be charged the $6.99 monthly subscription price immediately following your seven-day free trial period.

There are three payment schemes to a Club Pogo subscription:


How Can I Get a Club Pogo Free Trial?

Navigating through the Pogo website is pretty straightforward.

  1. Go to the homepage.
  2. Click on the link to 'Join the Club'.
  3. Enter the required information so you can start your Club Pogo free trial.

How Will a Club Pogo Charge Look on My Card Statement?

If you purchase either a subscription, gaming gems, or gaming tokens your Club Pogo charges to your credit/debit card statement will look like this: "PURCHASES EA *POGO HELP EA COM CARD#

This information is provided to you so you will automatically know that the EA on your statement stands for EA Sports, the parent company for Pogo and Club Pogo products.

What Happens if I Forget to Cancel My Subscription?

When your free trial of seven days has expired, and you have not canceled your Club Pogo subscription, be prepared to see the above-mentioned purchase information being applied to the credit/debit card you have on file with Pogo.

DoNotPay offers a faster, easier, and better way to manage your Club Pogo free trial, as well as any other free trial, without any risk or charges being applied to your credit/debit card.

Avoid Unwanted Charges With DoNotPay’s Virtual Credit Cards

Wouldn't it be nice to never worry about being charged for a subscription and actually getting to enjoy a Club Pogo free trial? This is how DoNotPay’s virtual credit cards can help.

Oftentimes, people forget to cancel free trials and they end up with unwanted charges. Other people don’t want to check out free trials because the hassle to cancel just isn't worth it. DoNotPay eliminates the need to remember to cancel by simply using a virtual credit card.

Here's how it works:

  1. DoNotPay will generate a random number and credit card information as well as an email address that you can use to subscribe to a free trial.
  2. Once the free trial expires, the service can't charge the card because there isn't any actual money on that card and the subscription will be canceled automatically.
  3. While the credit card number is real, it cannot be used to purchase anything and it can only be used once.

It’s good to use a virtual credit card when signing up for a free trial for the following reasons:

  • None of your personal or banking information is tied to the virtual credit card.
  • The card will be deactivated after it is used for your free trial subscription. This eliminates the need to provide your credit card information.
  • When your free trial period is over, Club Pogo will try and bill your VCC for the subscription but since there is no money on the Virtual Credit Card your transaction will be denied, and you will not be charged for the auto-renewal subscription price you selected on the sign-up page.

With Virtual Credit Cards from DoNotPay you can access the entire world of free trials without ever worrying about being charged the full subscription price ever again!

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Take the risk out of any free trial by using Virtual Credit Cards from DoNotPay. But DoNotPay can do more for you.

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