How To Find Clinical Trials in Michigan

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Find Clinical Trials in Michigan and Enroll in Just a Few Clicks

The University of Michigan takes second place in research volume among U.S. universities. Michigan Medicine Hospital and C. S. Mott Children’s hospital were ranked best on the national Honor Roll. Michigan Medicine is a prestigious academic medical center and one of the largest hospitals. It includes:

  • U-M Health System
  • University of Michigan Medical School
  • Biomedical research community
  • Michigan Health Corp

See how you can participate in clinical trials and find the best paid clinical trials for healthy volunteers in Michigan with a few clicks on your device.

What You Need To Know About Medical Trials in Michigan

A clinical trial is a medical research study that involves testing new medication on human volunteers. After the scientists finish the lab and animal testing, they can start giving the medication to people. Trials are an integral part of medical advancement and consist of four clinical trial phases:



  • Determining the dose and the administration method of the drug
  • Determining the best time intervals of drug administration
  • Exploring the reaction of the body to the drug


  • Testing the safety of the medication
  • Determining the effectiveness of the drug


  • Comparing the new medication to the standard one
  • Determining how the drug affects different populations
  • Studying side effects


  • Analyzing the long-term effects of the drug
  • Researching the safety on a larger scale

The University of Michigan offers a variety of clinical trials for healthy volunteers and patients with a condition or illness. Some of the most prominent are related to:

There are many other diseases and conditions that the University of Michigan strives to cure. You can find clinical trials for any disease and condition that you need on Michigan’s Health Research website, where you can explore active studies, create and customize your profile according to your interests, learn more about the studies you’re interested in, participate in any clinical trials that you’re eligible for, and contact the study teams.

Who Is Eligible To Participate in UM Clinical Studies?

Every clinical trial has pre-determined eligibility criteria—the rules about who can participate in a medical study. These rules aren’t set to make your chances of enrollment low but to ensure the trial is safe and in accordance with the law. The research in medicine takes consistency, precision, patience, responsibility, and professionalism.

The eligibility criteria include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • General health
  • Type and stage of the disease
  • Medical history
  • Previous treatment

Anyone can sign up for a clinical trial, but unfortunately, not everyone will be accepted. The participants that are wanted in clinical trials are healthy volunteers and people who suffer from the disease or a condition that’s the focus of the clinical trial.

Keep in mind that studies for healthy volunteers aren’t risk-free. You will be given a consent form with all the information about the risks and benefits of the trial that you’ll need to sign before participating. You should be aware of the time and commitment you’ll need to provide.

After you fill out the information form, the researchers will contact you and request your detailed personal and medical information. They might even need to contact your healthcare provider to see if you’re eligible for the trial you applied for.

You can find out if you’re eligible by contacting the research team directly.

How To Find Paid Clinical Trials in Michigan With DoNotPay

DoNotPay's powerful algorithm will match you to the studies you're eligible for and enable you to connect with researchers. You will answer a short questionnaire that we’ll use to match you with all the clinical trials, paid psychological studies, or medical surveys that fit the criteria you've provided—such as the distance from your place of residence, the compensation you're hoping to get, or whether you would accept receiving a placebo.

With DoNotPay, your chances of enrollment will surge. You get to keep everything you earn as compensation for yourself because DoNotPay takes no fees.

All you need to do is open our app in your and follow these steps to enroll:

  1. Click on Get Started Now
  2. Enter the name of the study you want to participate in
  3. Set your filters
  4. Click on View Study
  5. Select Contact Now

We will contact the researcher for you, and within the next several days, they’ll contact you with further instructions.

Through our platform, you can apply for an unlimited number of medical studies. You don’t have to google “clinical trials near me” when you have DoNotPay.

You can opt to receive real-time notifications about new studies that show up near you. You’ll have access to our up-to-date clinical trials database at the touch of your fingers.

How Can You Find the UM Clinical Trials by Yourself

Apart from DoNotPay, there are a few other websites that can help you find clinical trials in Michigan.

Here are some of them:

WebsiteSteps to Finding a Study


  1. Go to the home page
  2. Type in a study or a condition
  3. Click on Search or check out the Highlighted Searches


  1. Click on the hamburger icon in the upper right corner
  2. Select Patient Resources
  3. Click on Clinical Trials
  4. Enter your search criteria—location being Michigan
  5. Select Search

Drug Trials For Money

  1. Type in your keyword and geolocation
  2. Click on Search


  1. Scroll down to find the city of your choice
  2. Click on Michigan

There are additional ways of finding clinical trials in Michigan. You can contact the University of Michigan directly via:

  • Email—
  • Phone—at 877-536-4243
  • Website of a division for a specific disease—cancer, depression, heart, and many more

Think About the Risks Before You Apply for Any Clinical Trial

Although safety is a principal concern in any clinical trial, the risks of serious side-effects and consequences on the participants' health are always present. In 2006, a Parexel clinical trial went awry and resulted in lasting, life-long consequences on the participants.

The doctors gave medication to subjects within short periods of time, and their bodies didn’t have the time to process the substance. This caused a cytokine storm—a bad reaction of the immune system that causes high fever, organ failure, and inflammatory response—in all the healthy test subjects who received the treatment. They were compensated but ended up with immunity problems for life.

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