Sign Up for a CleanMYPC Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

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Sign Up for a CleanMYPC Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

Many people use their personal computers for personal business and their vocation. If your PC becomes sluggish, it makes sense that you want it repaired to work as efficiently as possible.

Companies such as MacPaw offer a free trial to clean up your PC. DoNotPay gives guidance to determine if the qualifies as free. We’ll also discuss virtual credit cards that you can use to try any service without sharing your real credit card information.

Taking your PC out for repair or hiring a service will cost you plenty. And, of course, investing in a new computer may represent a significant expense. Especially for those who possess some technical proficiency, using an online service to clean and repair your computer makes perfect sense.

Does CleanMYPC Really Offer a Free Trial?

The portion of the free trial offered by CleanMyPC primarily involves the diagnostics portion of the process. The free part of the service will also rid your PC of approximately 500 MB of junk.

Once you read your diagnostic report and decide to purchase the appropriate software, you must provide a credit card number.

MacPaw does offer a 30 day-money-back-guarantee, but that comes with plenty of caveats. The free trial does not repair your personal computer.

Steps To Get a Free Trial From CleanMYPC

Using a service such as CleanMyPC works best if the purchases possess a degree of technical knowledge. The steps to use the service include the following:

  1. Visit the CleanMyPC website on the device you intend to clean.
  2. Read the description of the service.
  3. Select clean.
  4. You will receive a diagnostic report outlining the problems and files for removal.
  5. You will need to decide if it makes sense to remove the suggested files.
  6. The trial portion will clean a fraction of the files. An option will appear for you to purchase a software product for thorough cleaning.

Will My Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Subscription?

Since CleanMyPC requires no credit card to run the diagnostic portion of the service, the free trial will not automatically renew. However, it becomes subject to automatic renewal once you purchase a licensed product.

If you need to cancel your CleanMyPC subscription and expect a refund, you get more info through some of their website resources.

How Much Will the CleanMYPC Service Cost After the Trial?

You can expect a price tag of $39.95 for the PC license or one PC. If you need to clean two computers, you'll save a little money by paying $59.95. They also offer a Family Pack for $99.95.

The license prices last for one year, and typically the license will automatically renew after one year. One way to avoid automatic renewal involves using a product like DoNotPay's Virtual Credit Card.

Are There Competitors For CleanMyPC?

Approximately 75% of Americans own a computer, and that number of computers gives the industry to keep those laptops and desktop computers in shape plenty of room for competition.

Some of the highest-rated PC cleaning services include:

PC TuneUp
  • Programs start at $19.99
  • Known for excellent customer service
  • Programs start at $39.99
  • Programs start at $59.99
  • Programs start at $69.99
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Programs start at $49.99
  • Money-back guarantee

DoNotPay Will Help You Avoid Automatic Renewal With Their Virtual Credit Card

Those free trials and introductory prices on subscriptions seem like a good idea when you sign up for them. But with busy schedules, we often forget we've given our credit card information. If we go back and check our statements, we may find we're spending money needlessly on subscriptions and services we don't use.

Fortunately, DoNotPay's virtual credit card solves this problem for you with the following features:

  1. While connected to your actual credit card, the virtual credit card comes with a one-time series of numbers and an expiration date.
  2. The Virtual Credit Card works much like a burner phone.
  3. The technology compares closely to the chip technology on your regular credit card. The merchant can't use it for more than one transaction.
  4. The Virtual Credit card protects your identity and your email privacy.
  5. The Virtual Credit Card does not hold a balance.
  6. Once your free trial or subscription expires, the merchant cannot charge the card or renew the product.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do To Save Me Money?

The list of products that DoNotPay offers seem almost endless. The following links will lead you to some of the ways DoNotPay helps with everyday problems and concerns:

Please visit DoNotPay on its website where you will find more information and ways the company can help you solve problems.

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