Get a Citi Bike Free Trial Without Giving Your Credit Card Info

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How to Get a Citi Bike Free Trial Without Giving Your Credit Card Info

Citi Bike is NYC's very own integrated bike-sharing system. With bike stands all over the major cities that make up US's number one city, catching a Citi Bike subscription can be tempting. But wait. Is there a you might try out before committing to a whole month or year of Citi Bike riding? With DoNotPay, you can navigate the many Citi Bike deals available and make sure no free trial goes into paid innings without your say-so.

Does Citi Bike Offer a Free Trial?

Citi bike on its own does not offer any free trials at this time. However, it has many partner programs that potentially do offer free trials. The most notable is the Reduced Fare Bike Share program which occasionally offers one month free in addition to a program of reduced costs for eligible members

Who Is Eligible for Reduced Fare Bike Share?

  • NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority) Residents
  • SNAP Recipients

What Is the Cost of Citi Bike Reduced Fare?

Normally, Citi Bike membership costs $15 a month for unlimited 45-minute rides. With the Reduced Fare Bike Share program, the cost is reduced to $5 per month.

How Can I Get a Citi Bike Free Trial?

The best way to access a is to find a community program working with Citi Bike near you. There are half a dozen or more community Citi Bike programs going on at any time, possibly dozens of smaller and less announced. Find them through community announcements or from their featured page on the Citi Bike community programs page

The largest of these projects is the Reduced Fare Bike Share program. You can access this by clicking "Join for $5/ month" on the Reduced Fare page.

  1. Navigate to the Citi Bike community programs page
  2. Select your eligible community program
  3. Sign up for the program
  4. Seek to redeem your free trial on the terms defined.

Does the Citi Bike Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

It depends on which Citi Bike free trial you've tried. However, if you are referring to the Healthfirst Reduced Fare Bike Share program, then the answer is yes. If you get one free month, the subscription will automatically renew at $5 a month for unlimited 45-minute bike rides. Other programs may have a similar configuration but you will need to read your terms carefully as these programs are often changing.

Avoid Automatic Renewal With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

With community events and initiatives around every corner, there's no telling which Citi Bike free trial or special deal you will find. What we do know is that you don't have to pay for service after you sign up for a free trial. DoNotPay can help protect your financial information and your budget when it comes to taking advantage of free trial opportunities.

Our virtual credit card product makes it easy to sign up for a free trial without the risk of actually getting charged at the end of the duration. Everyone forgets to cancel before the end of a free trial and right now, millions are paying for subscription services they don't use. If you want a Citi bike trial for an event or adventure and then want to be done, you can be! Just connect a virtual credit card and keep your accounts safe from the auto-renewal drain.

How Much Does Citi Bike Cost After the Trial?

How much does Citi bike cost after your free trial or community deal has ended? It depends on the program you have participated in. For reduced fare bike share, you will find yourself paying a discounted and self-renewing $5 a month. For temporary promotions, you will likely be left with a recurring subscription of $15 a month.

Other costs include the cost of a day pass to return to Citi Bike for another adventure or even a single ride pass.

Single Ride Pass$3.50 per trip
Day Pass$15 per day
Annual Membership$15 per month
Reduced Fare$5 per month

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