Get a Cirkul Free Trial Easily With a Virtual Credit Card

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Get a Cirkul Free Trial Easily With a Virtual Credit Card

Cirkul has introduced an innovative and fun new way to drink water. Cirkul bottles provide a mechanism that allows users to flavor the water sip by sip while drinking, as opposed to all at once or blending it together entirely. The thought behind it is that people are more likely to stay hydrated with flavored water products; and, when they have more control over the flavor's dispersal. Here's how to try and avoid being charged extra by them when the trial is done.

As part of our Get Free Trials Product, DoNotPay has prepared a variety of ways to ensure that so-called-free trials don't end up charging people. Using DoNotPay, there's a way to use virtual credit cards, including free virtual credit cards, to circumvent the cost of services. With our virtual credit cards, it's easy to cancel the service and get a refund.

Does Cirkul Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, but the person must pay for shipping. The Free Trial is called a Start-up Bundle and is accessible on the website. After the first order, patrons are charged fees for cartridges and billed monthly. Since the product is free, they consider it a trial. However, don't forget to factor in shipping costs and don't forget to cancel if it's too expensive.

When the free trial ends, here is what their plans entail:

8 Cartridges$27
16 Cartridges$49
24 Cartridges$67
32 Cartridges$82
40 Cartridges $100

How Can I Get a Free Cirkul Trial?

The website has a way to sign up for a Start-Up Bundle for the .

  1. Head over to Cirkul's website.
  2. Once on their website, click on the yellow tab that says, "Try Cirkul."
  3. Select "About" from the menu options.
  4. Drop down to "Getting Started."
  5. Follow their instructions to pick out a bottle and flavor.
  6. When you sign up, you will be prompted to register and pay.
  7. You can sign up with a virtual card that DoNotPay will mention.

How Cirkul Works and Stopping Auto-Ship

Many people accidentally end up getting extra Cirkul shipments because of how orders are processed. People are encouraged to select auto-ship on the website when they register.

Here is how it happens:

  1. When enrolling in a Trial Kit, one is offered an Auto-Ship option.
  2. The website encourages people to sign up in their directions.
  3. This sets up an automatic shipment in the queue to process in 14 days.
  4. An email reminder goes out 2 days before that.
  5. If you don't remember to sign in to your account page, then the next order is processed.
  6. When you sign up for a Start-up Bundle, make sure not to click the Auto-Ship option.

Does the Cirkul Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

Yes, Cirkul will start automatically turning into a paid plan. The first charge can be expected within 14 days and, after that, the product renews monthly. What do the charges look like? How do you stop them?

  • The paid plans would look like the charges above.
  • However, Cirkul has sometimes shown up as a $1 charge on different accounts.
  • In order to cancel Cirkul, it's time to contact their customer service.
  • Customers can cancel anytime.
  • If you need to cancel the trial, e-mail
  • Tell them to cancel your account.

Avoid Automatic Renewal With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

People commonly forget to cancel free trials and end their subscriptions. When the trial period ends, the companies might charge more than the original deal if it's a fee per month. This can be confusing, so it's important to cancel the Cirkul Trial before it expires (check out their help section).

If you haven't signed up yet, here's how the Virtual Card feature works:

  • DoNotPay generates a credit card number.
  • This creates a random number to enter into the field.
  • Since this service does already charge you for shipping, it might not be ideal for Cirkul.
  • However, a card on file can be changed at any time.
  • With our Virtual Credit Card, no funds exist on the account.
  • When the company tries to bill you again, you won't be subscribed.
  • Generally, when this happens someone is unsubscribed and unenrolled in auto-pay.

What Will Cirkul Charges Look Like on My Statement?

When Cirkul does billing, it's going to appear on statements electronically as "Brain Tree." To test whether an account is working, they will often send a $1 charge that temporarily displays as a dollar. While the transaction is pending, it will display $1 until it processes. Once the bank involved communicates with the billing, the full amount is charged.

Until then, it can sometimes look as though one was only charged $1. Remember that the full amount will still be deducted, so the $1 is not a true statement of the total cost per order.

Otherwise, the transaction is going to cost the same as whatever plan plus shipping costs with UPS or DHL.

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