How To Get a China Airlines Refund

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Request a China Airlines Refund in the Blink of an Eye

Only the calmest individuals don’t find themselves on the verge of a nervous breakdown when unforeseen circumstances ruin a long-awaited plane trip. Whether it's an emergency, a canceled flight by an airline, or a global pandemic slowly taking over more than half the world, the first thing you'll think of after the initial frustration is a refund. Despite the good reputation of China Airlines and the company’s prosperous long-term business, such situations aren’t uncommon.

Get Familiar With China Airlines Cancellation Policy First

When, for reasons best known to you, you wish to receive a refund for a ticket you’ve already purchased, you should consider canceling your attendance and the ticket. China Airlines’ cancellation process isn’t complex, but certain requirements need to be fulfilled:

  • In case you bought the ticket less than a day ago, the company will meet your needs and proceed with the cancellation at no additional cost—or better said, you’ll receive a full refund of the amount you paid
  • When traveling from or to Korea and the USA, this above-mentioned 24-hour deadline is extended to 48 hours, and the process needs to happen at least a week before departure at the latest—otherwise, this rule doesn’t apply to your case
  • China Airlines can perform this process only if you made the reservation directly with them—they aren’t responsible for those purchased from third-party agencies and in any other way
  • In any other circumstances that don’t involve cancellation after a maximum of 24 hours, the company has the right to introduce certain cancellation fees that you need to pay
  • Upon realizing the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak, the company has made things more flexible by offering to refund China Airlines flights that were canceled or missed due to the situation given

How Much Will You Pay for Cancellation Fees?

This varies from company to company and also depends on the specific circumstances associated with your case. Factors that determine this aspect include the destination you were supposed to travel to, the flight time, the class, and even the number of tickets ordered.

Requesting a China Airlines Refund With DoNotPay

The following table is a short representation of possibilities you can rely on when seeking the best option for getting your funds back.

Can You Request a Refund Via











Establishing communication with the airline isn’t always the most pleasant experience and, at times, it’s difficult to reach an agreement with them. Far from all the fuss, DoNotPay was made for dealing with such circumstances. China Airlines is one in a sea of countless firms our app can help you out with. Here’s the full procedure of getting your cash back through it:

  1. Open DoNotPay using your
  2. Left-click on File a Chargeback
  3. Fill in the form that will show up with the requested information
  4. Click on Sign and Submit after you complete all sections

We will send a fax to your bank with the request, along with a letter that contains all the Visa or Mastercard codes that support your case.

Requesting a China Airlines Refund On Your Own

In the event of different preferences—for example, in case you wish to contact the company personally and resolve the issue—there won’t be a huge number of alternatives. According to the China Airlines refund policy, the only two ways in which you can apply for receiving your money back is through a phone call or an online form.

How To Request a Refund via the China Airlines Website

China Airlines recommends completing a refund form via the official website, except when a specific situation or reasons require additional contact with customer support or the company’s international branch office. You can do this by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to the China Airlines official website and find the refund form
  2. Enter the necessary data—your last name, first name, and the ticket number
  3. Choose the reason for requesting a refund
  4. Make sure you read the Terms & Conditions before you click Next
  5. Choose the flight your ticket was purchased for
  6. Complete the rest of the information required and finalize the process

How To Request a Refund Over the Phone

If, by any chance, you have missed a flight or failed to board a plane after going through the check-in procedure, reporting a problem and making a refund request via the website won’t bear fruit. For such special circumstances, you’ll need to contact the branch office directly over the phone at +886 2 412 9000. The same applies to the issues you have experienced regarding the ticket cancellation or refund and the urgent questions. Logically, the phone line offers the ability to solve problems much faster due to its real-time nature—and it’s toll-free.

China Airlines Refund Policy—What’s Next?

You’ve finally submitted a request, and now you can take a long, deep breath and relax for a while. Here you have several pieces of information related to what awaits you next in case you turn out to be eligible for the procedure. It won’t hurt to get familiar with them in the meantime:

  • The agent will contact you—in case you haven’t already spoken to them via phone first to let you know that your refund has been granted
  • All cancellation fees—if you have to pay any—will be deducted from the total amount you paid when purchasing the ticket
  • If you paid by credit card, the company will transfer the new amount—or the full one, if you canceled the flight on time—to the original means of payment used for the purchase
  • The funds should be in your account within five working days after the scheduled travel date
  • There may be some deviations from the deadline when there are special types of regulations or any issue related to the payment method

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