Get a CATIA Free Trial Securely With a Virtual Credit Card

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How to Enjoy a CATIA Free Trial Without the Risk

CATIA is an engineering and design software company that's one of the leading 3D engineering programs in the world. Major corporations still depend on this software to help build 3D representations of just about everything from aerospace to consumer goods.

Some of you considering using this software might wonder if it offers a free trial version before you pay for the full software. It turns out, CATIA does offer a , but only with a major exception.

Getting this set up takes considerable time, something we can help amend with our app at DoNotPay.

Details About CATIA's Free Trial

One note about CATIA and its Student Edition: It's no longer available, but there is a way to get a of the software. Here's what you need to know:

  • You can get a free version of CATIA V5 Student Edition only if your academic institution is already a customer of CATIA.
  • This free version is available for student homework purposes.
  • You need to contact your nearest CATIA representative to find out if this offer is available for your students.

Keep in mind the previous CATIA Student Edition has been replaced now with a 3DExperience Student Edition. This version is also only available to those who are enrolled in an academic institution.

Are There Free Trials Available With Other Editions of CATIA?

This software only offers quarterly, monthly, or yearly subscriptions, but all depends on what your particular design role is.

  1. For companies: You can get a CATIA subscription yearly or quarterly.
  2. For students: Only a yearly subscription is available.
  3. For makers: An annual subscription is available, though you can also get a monthly subscription service.

Since this is software for academics and engineers, paying upfront for the program is a must based on their international stature. Regardless, what if you want to cancel the above subscriptions before the auto-renewal on your credit card happens?

Avoid Automatic Renewals at CATIA with the DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

Those monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscriptions to CATIA above could add up if they automatically renew on your credit card. Perhaps you're at a point during the year when you're not going to use CATIA for a long while. We can help you get an automatic cancellation using our virtual credit cards.

  • DoNotPay generates a random number and credit card info you can use to subscribe to any service, like CATIA.
  • Once the previous subscription ends, CATIA can't charge you because no money exists on the card. This means you are automatically unsubscribed.
  • Since you did not use your personal credit card, you keep your information safe.

One good thing CATIA offers to makers is the ability to cancel a monthly subscription, albeit giving 30 days notice. This can be a pain if you're short of time.

Automatic charges on credit cards often become overlooked by many and keep occurring without even knowing. You may be charged significantly at CATIA per month and not even realize you're wasting money if you don't really want the software at the moment. Virtual credit cards are the best way to avoid being charged when your life becomes overly busy and won't be using CATIA any time soon.

What Will CATIA's Charges Look Like On My Statement?

CATIA makes it clear who they are when they charge your credit card. Still, you have to watch out for automatic renewals since they can sneak up on you if you've lost track of time.

What Are the Most Popular Alternatives to CATIA Software?

Other 3D software brands are out there. Here are four others you might want to consider:

CreoIntermediateOne license is $2,310
AutoCADProfessional$185 monthly (or $1,470 annually)

A fully functioning version is free for students and teachers

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