Ways You Can Lower Caesars Resort Fee

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How to Waiver Extra Hotel Fees at Caesars Resort

Avoid being overcharged at Caesars Palace. Let DoNotPay help you negotiate with and fix errors in your bill.

Caesars Palace is among the leading hotel industry behemoths in Las Vegas. It has five towers of high-end villas and suites. A stay at the hotel will surprise you with a wide range of delicacies, live music, sports entertainment, and more.

But like with most hotels, it's common to get overcharged on your bill here. While a double charge for rooms is easier to detect, most guests overlook small hidden fees that hotels didn't disclose. We are speaking about resort fees, activities fees, maintenance charges, and valet fees.

Overcharges, surcharges, and double charges can also happen if you booked and paid for your stay through a different platform or if the hotel "accidentally" charged you for complimentary meals and upgrades.

You can ask the hotel to remove the fees, erroneous charges, or the fees owed. But the process can be lengthy and time-consuming. DoNotPay has a Hotel Bill Negotiations service to speed everything up.

What Type of Fees Does Caesars Charge?

Apart from the published rate, per night. It includes daily:

  1. Access to the Fitness Center (for two)
  2. In-room internet access (two devices)
  3. And all local phone calls.

The property will charge you these fees, whether or not you'll use the services. You'll still pay the extra bills even if your room reservation has been “comped.”

In some cases, they may erroneously double-charge for your room or overcharge on your rate. Be sure to let the front desk know immediately for quick correction.

Can I Refuse to Pay Caesars Resort Fee?

Yes, you can refuse to pay with such charges. You're not legally mandated to pay it.

In fact, resort fees go against Nevada's Deceptive Trade Practices Law. Currently, 50 Attorney Generals are looking into hotels charging guests misleading and deceptive fees.

And based on the Internet Tax Freedom Act, it's illegal in the US to tax internet amenities at hotel occupancy tax.

How Can I Get Caesar's Resort Fee Waived?

Don't pay any Total Rewards resort fee or any other extra bill. As said, resort fees are unlawful in Nevada. Here are the steps to take:

Refuse to Pay

When checking in, the clerk at the front desk will demand the resort fee before handing you the room's key. Refuse to pay it.

If this move confuses the employee, request to see the manager. Let them know you've already cleared the published rates plus taxes.

Some friendly managers will rush to waive the illegal charges. After all, who wants to make a customer angry and spark off viral complaints in today's competitive world?

Dispute the Fee With Your Credit Card Firm

Do they still insist that you should pay the fee? Here's where your game should get smarter.

Let them deduct the extra fee from your credit card. Next, contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.

If the company needs documentation, you may send them a link to Caesars' site advertising free internet plus the bill showing internet fee deducted under the disguise of resort fee.

File a Consumer Complaint

Every US state, including Nevada, has an Attorney General. These officials enforce current consumer protection state laws. So join the others who successfully filed their complaints with the AG and got their money back.

Alternatively, you can report the hotel to the Better Business Bureau for deceptive practices.

But time is money. And as seen, negotiating down or ultimately killing the resort fee isn't a walk in the park.

Whether you negotiate with the front office clerk in person or call them, be prepared to spend more money and time. Furthermore, the clerk may be stubborn or unfriendly and take you in circles. Also, the manager may consume more time reviewing the bill with you.

Before you know it, the process is eating a large chunk of the time you're supposed to be spending with your family and friends vacationing. Emotions may run high, leading to more complications.

Let DoNotPay Help You Negotiate With Caesars to Waive the Resort Fee

Bid farewell to the tedious process of going to the front desk, complaining about the fee, waiting for the manager, reviewing the bill, and asking for a waiver.

Usher in DoNotPay's Hotel Bill negotiation solution to have the fast.

Just provide information about the extra fee and error, and we will draft a demand letter requesting a refund from the hotel clerk and manager.

Here are our easy steps:

  1. Go to the Hotel Bill Negotiations product on DoNotPay.

  2. Answer a few questions about your hotel bill, which charges you want to have refunded, and the details of your reservation.

  3. Tell us whether this is for a past reservation or you're still at the hotel (this helps us decide whether negotiation or chargeback is a better option for your case).

  4. Choose whether you want us to contact the front desk or general manager (if you've already tried contacting the front desk already).

And that's it! We will draft a demand letter requesting for refund and send it to Caesars' front desk or manager. Relax, enjoy your vacation, and wait for their feedback.

Why Use DoNotPay to Get Your Resort Fees Waived

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