How to Start BallerTV Free Trial The Risk-Free Way

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How to Start BallerTV Free Trial The Risk-Free Way

Founded in 2016, BallerTV makes it easy for any person to watch live streams of numerous high school sports from a growing list of games across the country. It could be you, a family member who can't attend an away game, or a college scout searching for talent in the areas of the country they normally can't cover. Apart from watching games being broadcasted live, you can also have access to unlimited replays, download player profiles as well as games to help you keep a digital memory to revisit. This guide will show you how to start without the risk of getting charged.

Does BallerTV Offer a Free Trial?

No! However, you can get Voucher Codes and Discount Codes to help you save more through You can access the codes here. DoNotPay makes possible.

Is the BallerTV Subscription Automatically Renewed?

Yes. Before you pay any fees, you're allowed to review as well as accept all the fees that you'll be charged. It's worth noting that all the fees come in U.S. Dollars and that they're non-refundable. You're required to authorize BallerTV to charge you all sums for the orders that you'll have made. If you choose to pay using your credit card, BallerTV may request a pre-authorization of your credit card account before the purchase to prove that the card is valid and has enough funds to cater for your purchase.

Again, if you authorize BallerTV to charge you for service periodically, you give them the right to keep deducting the sum on a going-forward basis until the cancellation of either your account or the payment. Your account will automatically be charged all applicable fees for your next subscription on the Subscription Billing Date. The automatic renewal will only stop when you terminate or cancel the subscription.

How to Cancel My BallerTV Subscription

If you signed in through the BallerTV website, you could cancel the subscription by logging into your account and following the following steps:

  1. Go to the settings menu and then select 'Manage subscription.'
  2. Click 'Cancel subscription.'
  3. Choose an option on the pop-up that appears and then select 'Continue.'
  4. Selecting the 'Pause' option will stop renewal for a selected amount of time.
  5. If you press 'Cancel,' you'll see a short, optional survey. Select 'Cancel Subscription' to finalize the cancellation.

You'll then see a confirmation window indicating that you have canceled your subscription. You'll also be sent an email indicating the same.

Does BallerTV Issue Refunds on Subscriptions?

BallerTV doesn't offer refunds for digital subscriptions once they have received your order, and you've viewed a video in part or whole. Once you grant them access to video recordings, still images, audio recordings, and live video, all purchases become final, and no refund will be issued. Cancellation of service doesn't entitle you to a partial or prorated refund of any kind.

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How Much Does Baller TV Cost for the Subscription?

Currently, BallerTV offers quarterly and annual subscription tiers.

Quarterly $15.95/month Billed in recurring installments of $48.85 quarterly
Annual $9.95/month Billed in recurring annual installments of $119.40

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