Get Affinity Designer Free Trials With a Virtual Credit Card

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Get Affinity Designer Free Trials With a Virtual Credit Card

Affinity Designer is used as a graphic design tool that is used by professional illustrators, web designers, and game developers. Compared to some other graphic design tools on the market, this product is one of the cheaper options. Their product will work on Mac, Windows, or iPad. Designers can try it for free to see if they like it.

Though it is not required with require a credit card to sign up and often end up not being free when you forget to cancel.

DoNotPay can help you eliminate the need to remember to cancel with the use of a virtual credit card. Let's take a look at all the things DoNotPay can do for you.

The Affinity Designer Free Trial

Affinity Designer so that customers can take it for a test drive to ensure that it will meet their needs. Affinity does not require a credit card to sign up for the trial. However, to continue using the product past the trial window, you must purchase the license as a one-time payment.

Affinity's product offerings include

  • Affinity Designer
  • Affinity Photo
  • Affinity Publisher

Each product is backed by a 14-day money-back guarantee.

How Do I Sign Up for the Affinity Free Trial?

To get your , you will need to create an account and choose which device you will be using. Affinity is available for Mac, Windows, and iPad. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Once you have created your account, you will be sent an email containing the product keys and download links for the apps.
  2. After installing, you will be prompted to enter a product key.
  3. The app will show you how many days of your trial period are remaining so that you know how long you can continue using the product without interruption.

Of course, if you choose to keep the software, you will need to supply your credit card information for the one-time purchase.

Does the Affinity Free Trial Renew Automatically?

No. Since you aren't required to supply a credit card at sign-up, you will not be charged automatically. However, if you are interested in keeping the product, you will need to add your credit card information for the one-time purchase sometime before the end of the 30 days to continue using the software without disruption.

Since Affinity is a one-time purchase as opposed to a monthly subscription, they don't require a credit card during signup. However, there are plenty of companies that do and make the process of canceling unnecessarily hard, hoping that you will simply not deal with it and continue with the product to avoid the hassle of canceling.

Avoid Paying for a Service You Don’t Want With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

Even though Affinity doesn't require a credit card to sign up for a free trial, there are plenty of services that do. With the use of a virtual credit card, DoNotPay will eliminate the possibility of being charged for a service that you don't want or need.

Below is a breakdown of how a virtual credit card works.

  • Go to the website that is offering a free trial and create your account.
  • When asked to input your billing information, simply go to the DoNotPay website to generate a virtual card number, expiration, and security code.
  • When the free trial is over, the subscription cannot renew since there is no funding on the virtual credit card. It will simply cancel the subscription, which eliminates the need to remember to cancel before it expires.

What is the cost of Affinity after the trial ends?

Below is a brief overview of the costs after the trial ends.

For MAC$54.99
For Windows$54.99
For iPad$21.99

What Else Can DoNotPay Help With?

DoNotPay can help you contend with many of life's issues including:

  1. Suing people and companies in small claims court
  2. Scheduling a DMV appointment fast and easy
  3. Dealing with bills you are unable to pay
  4. Getting compensation for delayed or canceled flights
  5. Contesting parking tickets
  6. Getting refunds and chargebacks from companies
  7. Protecting yourself from stalking and harassment

Affinity is one of the more affordable graphic design tools on the market. For those that don't want to pay a monthly subscription, Affinity offers a one-time licensing fee for their product. They also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for their products and no credit card is required for signing up.

However, if a free trial could end in a charge to your credit card, let DoNotPay help you avoid this with the use of a virtual credit card. Indeed, when you forget to cancel, most companies will not refund your money and simply allow you access to the product until the subscription ends. However, with the use of a virtual credit card, there is no need to worry about fighting to get your money back if you happen to forget to cancel before the trial period ends.

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