How to File Complaints Against Wheaton Worldwide Moving

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How to File Complaints Against Wheaton Worldwide Moving

Wheaton World Wide Moving is a moving company that has been around since 1945. It started out being called Clipper Van Lines and was founded by Earnest S. Wheaton. Their first move went from Canton, Ohio, to Constantine, Michigan, and they started with authority for twenty-two US states.

As they continued working, they were well known for their quality, not for . They expanded throughout the 1950s, and by the end of the decade, they were international. Their name changed to Wheaton Van Lines, Inc. in the 1950s, and in 1973, they were the first carrier in the US to have fifty-state authority from the Interstate Commerce Commission. Finally, they changed their name to Wheaton World Wide Moving in the 1980s.

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When Should I File a Complaint Against Wheaton World Wide?

The table below explores reasons you might wish to file a .

Reasons Customers Might Wish to File a Complaint
  • Wheaton World Wide Moving lost some of your stuff.
  • Wheaton World Wide Moving was rude to you.
  • Wheaton World Wide Moving caused damage to your stuff because they didn't care for it properly.
  • Wheaton World Wide Moving was late picking up or delivering your stuff.
  • Wheaton World Wide Moving charged you more than estimated for no clear reason.
  • Wheaton World Wide Moving intentionally took longer than needed to charge you more.

However, before you decide to file a complaint against Wheaton World Wide Moving, make sure to do the following:

  1. Review your contract to see if they did anything wrong.
  2. Get together any evidence you have, including any moving insurance you bought.
  3. Reach out to Wheaton World Wide Moving.
  4. Based on how they respond, you might wish to file a complaint or send demand letters to them.

Does Wheaton World Wide Moving Have a History of Customer Complaints?

According to the BBB, this company is rated an A+, but the customer reviews don't match that. Wheaton World Wide Moving has a 1.25/5 star rating on the BBB. If you check Yelp, it's a little better, but still only scoring a 2/5.

A couple of examples of complaints include:

  • Left the door to a property open, and the wind forced it shut, damaging our door frame to the point that it won't lock properly. Refuse to fix it because the wind was an act of God.
  • They didn't have the proper materials needed to move mattresses and delivered the overload truck late.
  • Received several items from the move that were wet and/or damaged.

How to Handle Disputes with Wheaton World Wide Moving

Here are some suggestions to make sure you can easily handle disputes with Wheaton World Wide Moving.

  • Before moving, make an inventory of all your belongings and take pictures.
  • Also, make sure to get moving insurance.
  • After the move, you should receive a list of what they moved and their conditions. If you notice any damage, note it on that sheet.
  • File a claim with the company, including photos of any damage done.
  • Wait for reimbursement

If Wheaton World Wide Moving won't handle your complaint, you can reach out to one of the groups below.


If you are moving between states, you will have to reach out to the FMCSA, which handles all interstate travel.

State Enforcement Agency

If you are moving within the same state, you will have to reach out to that state's enforcement agency. Follow these steps to do so.

  1. Go to the webpage for your state's enforcement agency.
  2. Follow the listed instructions to file a complaint.
  3. Ensure you have any necessary documents, contracts, or communications needed to prove your complaint.

File a Complaint with Wheaton World Wide Moving Using DoNotPay

If you need to and don't want to handle it on your own, DoNotPay can help.

Here is how DoNotPay will file a complaint against Wheaton World Wide Moving on your behalf.

  1. Search for moving issues on DoNotPay.

  2. Start our Solve My Moving Issues product by telling us the name of the moving company you are having issues with.

  3. Answer some questions about your specific move, your moving company, and the complaint for which you'd like relief.

DoNotPay will write a letter to Wheaton World Wide Moving, explaining your complaints and demands for compensation and relief. They will also warn against a lawsuit if those demands aren't met. If you don't get a response within two weeks, we can help you move it up to small claims court!

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Moving can be stressful, and worrying about your items getting lost or damaged makes it even more so. Rest assured that if something does happen to your stuff during your move, DoNotPay can help you file a claim to get reimbursement. Contact us today to find out more.

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