Steps to Take if Movers Damaged Furniture

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What to Do if Movers Damaged Your Furniture?

Moving is a hard time for everyone. It's a time when we are our most vulnerable, between homes and with everything we own packed into a truck driven by strangers. You rely on these strangers, your moving company, to safely load, transport, and unload your goods and furniture.

To discover that along the way can be devastating after a long and stressful journey to the new house. There you are surrounded by boxes and a broken piece of furniture.

Do you smile and sign the Bill of Lading? What if you discover the furniture damage after you sign? Do you raise hell and, if you do, can you get reimbursed for the damage, or is this one of those moving losses? Don't worry, the moving industry and DoNotPay together have you covered. Even if you've just had some very bad luck or bad movers, you have options.

What Are Your Options if Movers Damaged Furniture During the Move?

When you lose something in a move, it's common to feel angry, frustrated, and even devastated. Exhausted from the move and perhaps already having signed the Bill of Laden, you may feel like the situation is hopeless. The good news is that you're not backed into a corner - and you don't have to spend a massive amount of energy pursuing the issue as you unpack, either. Here are the things you should do:

  1. Contact your movers for resolution
  2. File a written complaint with the moving company
  3. File a moving insurance claim
  4. File an official complaint and warning letter
  5. Report your movers to the FMCSA
  6. Leave warning reviews

Get Reimbursed for Furniture Damaged in the Move

First, you'll need to file a written complaint with your movers. If this was an accident and not a scam, there's a good chance the movers will help you resolve the issue through their own internal policies and insurance. If that works, great! If not, you'll need to warn the movers you will take steps, then report your movers to the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

You can contact FMCSA here:
Help CenterWeb Form
Mailing AddressFederal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

United States Department of Transportation

1200 New Jersey Avenue SE

Washington, DC 20590

Phone Number1-800-877-8339

If you have moving insurance, you may be able to get private coverage for the damage and, if not, reporting your movers should force their hand to make things right.

File an Official Complaint With Your Movers for Damaged Furniture

The first step is to file a written official complaint against your movers - with the moving company themselves. In a best-case scenario, the movers did not realize your furniture was broken. Perhaps they didn't unwrap it on-site and a good company will use their built-in coverage, or the moving insurance you purchased as part of the moving service package.

  • Take photographs of the damage
  • Find a before-picture of the item
  • Include these images in both electronic and mailed communications

Call and email, the practical ways to get in touch. But also send a certified letter through the mail to ensure there is a hard record of your complaint letter. Keep a copy of the letter for yourself, as well.

Template for Movers Complaint Letter

XYX Moving Company,

It has come to my attention that during your recent moving service, a piece of my furniture was damaged. The service was for YourName from HomeTown to Newtown between X date to Y date.

The item damaged is my solid wood credenza, before and after photographs provided. Please let me know how we can best remedy this situation. If a remedy is not available, I will take further official steps to seek reimbursement for the damage.


Your Name

In most situations, movers are good people and honest businesses who will help you reach the best resolution. However, if your movers refuse to recoup your losses, acknowledge the damage, or violate the terms of your contract, you can report them to the moving regulatory agencies and take them to small claims court for the value of your damaged furniture and breach of contract.

How to File an Official Moving Damages Complaint

Before filing an official complaint, make sure you check your contract, gather photos and other evidence, and contact the moving company.

Where to File Official Complaints Against a Moving Company

When your moving company won't help you with the cost when their , you can take official action against the company by filing an official report against them.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

  • Addresses action during interstate moves - across state lines
  • Can level fines and sanctions on a fraudulent or negligent moving company

State Enforcement Agencies

Your Local Police

  • Report crimes of fraud to your local police. Theft and fraud are illegal and can be pursued as crimes.

Turn Up the Heat With Honest, Detailed Reviews

Online reviews are another way to turn up the pressure on your moving company to provide a correct and remedy to your damaged furniture. Some brands are more responsive to negative reviews than they are to action. That's the nature of our market, today.


  • Where everyone looks for a local business, like movers.
  • The most public place for a negative rating


  • Better Business Bureau - an official place for complaints against a business
  • Gives businesses safety ratings based on complaints


  • Platform for "home services" type businesses. The Yelp of plumbers, contractors, and movers
  • Used to be Angie's List


  • Local business review, even if movers aren't a restaurant.

The best way to write a scathing negative review is, to be honest, and detailed. Outline your contract terms. how your furniture was damaged by movers, and how the movers have responded to your attempts at a remedy. This will be more compelling than angry words.

How to Resolve Movers Damaged Furniture With the Help of DoNotPay

When you've just moved, you don't want a whole bunch of paperwork and drama. You want to unpack. Discovering that is one of the worst ways to begin the second half of your moving experience. DoNotPay can help you take the next steps to minimize the headaches that come from this disaster.

While we can't put your furniture back together, we can make sure that your movers are held completely and officially responsible for the damage. If you have responsible movers, we'll help push through to a resolution. And if you are dealing with fraud or avoidance, we'll help you take your complaint to the highest authorities -without taking up a ton of your already limited time.

How to File a Complaint Against a Moving Company Using DoNotPay

  1. Search for moving issues on DoNotPay.
  2. Start our Solve My Moving Issues product by telling us the name of the moving company you are having issues with.
  3. Answer some questions about your specific move, your moving company, and the complaint for which you’d like relief.

DoNotPay will write a letter to your moving company, detailing both your complaints and your demands for compensation and relief and warn against a lawsuit if those demands aren't met. If you don't get a response within two weeks, we can help you escalate to small claims court!

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Moving is a challenging time in anyone's life. DoNotPay can help you sort out almost every hiccup along the way. Let us do the things that are hardest to do when you're in the middle of a move: sending letters, making phone calls, and taking official action. When your life is turned inside-out and packed up in boxes, DoNotPay will protect your rights and finances so you can focus on completing your household transition.

Here are other things we can help you with:

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