File a Complaint Against Oz Moving and Get Compensated Fast

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File a Complaint Against Oz Moving and Get Compensated Fast

Rarely is there a brand with such a big difference between happy and unhappy customers. OZ Moving & Storage is a local NYC moving company with long-distance services. They have an A+ on BBB and 4.5 stars on Google, but when they are bad; they are very, very bad.

There are numerous and recent reports of terrible client treatment, smashed boxes, missing or stolen items, and destroyed furniture. are rarely resolved and often come with horrifying photos of mistreated items. If you have had a bad experience with Oz Moving & Storage, DoNotPay can help you take action to protect yourself, get back your damages, and report the company to official agencies for bad behavior.

When Should I File a Complaint Against Oz Moving & Storage?

When is the right time to file a complaint against a moving company like ? People often don't know what to do when defrauded or stolen from by their movers. They don't want to over-react and be seen as a Paranoid Karen, but you should absolutely not let yourself be taken advantage of with criminal and abusive policies, either.

So, what is the difference between a small stairway fee when the elevator is broken vs extortion with your goods held hostage in the driveway? Where do you draw the line between inconvenience and fraud? Between the accident and negligence?

If your movers cross the following lines, you should make a complaint. First to the company, then to the authorities.

When the Contract is BreachedLook over the terms of your contract. Charges, quality service, and changes in a plan outside of this are legally actionable and a violation of your contract.
When the Company Policy is ViolatedSometimes, one moving person or driver is a bad apple. They might demand you pay cash or extra fees - outside the company policy.
When You've Been Lied to, Scammed, or DefraudedAny time you've been told one thing and experienced another in a way that was majorly disadvantageous. For example, you were told that Oz Moving services would not contract out, and contracted strangers arrive at your destination.
When Your Items Have Been StolenWhen items on your Bill of Lading have disappeared in the move.
Failure to Honor InsuranceIf you were sold fake insurance or promised the trip was insured when it was not.
When There is Extensive DamageWhen your items have been extensively damaged, not just scuffed a little, or when many items sustain damage.
Clear Improper ProcedureWhen your movers don't even try to use best practices like protecting fragile boxes, or they stack heavy on light, or stack furniture on boxes, or don't tie-down, or don't pad furniture.

Where Oz Moving & Storage Usually Goes Wrong: Non-NYC Moving Services

Here at DoNotPay, we've checked out Oz Moving & Storage. We've read the reviews, and there are a few areas where they are most likely to fall through. Mainly, contracting out their work.

NYC residents tend to be satisfied with the local OZ NYC moving company. Their work is reliable, their people are good. The problems mostly happen with moves that take place outside of NYC, at the non-NYC end.

Here, Oz has a track record of contracting out their moving services with the cheapest, least reliable teams available in the area. The following problem is that, apparently, the main office is telling clients that they don't contract out, and charging a premium for the violated guarantee.

From the reports, they also tend to fall through on resolving issues caused by these contracted out teams, and the occasional bad apple on their NYC staff.

How to Send an Official Complaint to Oz Moving & Storage

Moving company complaint checklist:

  • Copy of your moving contract
  • Copy of your bill of lading.
  • Photographs of the poorly packed truck bed.
  • Photographs of the contracted moving team.
  • Photographs of damaged items (before/after if you can).

Send the Complaint Letter by Certified Mail

The first step to resolving your issue is to create a paper trail of poor service. This starts with a letter of complaint sent to the company by certified mail. Draft a detailed, factual account of your experience and outline your complaint. Write as if you are speaking to the company's CEO or lawyer - an authority who is interested in avoiding trouble instead of the moving manager who lied to you initially.

Print two copies of the letter and sign both of them by hand. Send the letter by certified mail and require a signature to accept the mail. This creates an unchangeable federal record of the complaint and requires a record that they received the complaint, as well.

Keep one copy for your own records.

We'd like to say this will lead to dispute resolution and Oz Moving will apologize, then make it right. But history suggests this will just be the first step to your more official reporting options.

How to File a Moving Complaint Against Oz Moving & Storage

Once you've filed an official complaint with the company, you're ready to file a complaint:

  1. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
    • FMCSA.
    • Handles move that crosses state lines.
    • Can revoke licenses and level sanctions and fines.
  2. Movers Association by State
    • Report Oz Moving & Storage to the moving agency by the state where the malfeasance occurred.
    • Possibly two states.
  3. The Better Business Bureau
    • The BBB.
    • A record of company trustworthiness by their founding, licensing, and complaint history.
    • Add a complaint to lower the official reputation of fraudulent movers.

Oz Moving & Storage Being Difficult? DoNotPay Can Help You Send Demand Letters To Them

Oz Moving & Storage has built a reputation for being difficult and less-than-helpful when their policies lead to serious complaints. However, if their actions have led to a serious breach of contract, the act of fraud, or outright theft, you can send demand letters to them in small claims court instead of waiting for a "customer service" resolution. DoNotPay is uniquely positioned to help.

DoNotPay makes it easy to send demand letters to companies in your local small claims court. In fact, we've been recognized by the American Bar Association's Louis M. Brown Award for Access. Using the app, you can access the world's first AI Consumer Champion to fight back against companies that think you have no options and have played victim to abusive treatment regarding your move.

We will generate a demand letter, handle small claims forms, and even help you with a script to concisely argue your case in court. Unfortunately, we don't yet have actual AI Consumer Champions to carry our AI knowledge physically into the court with you.

Find this service at Small Claims Court with DoNotPay.

How to Resolve Oz Moving Complaints With the Help of DoNotPay

If you have been treated poorly, stolen from, defrauded, or lied to by Oz Moving & Storage, you no doubt have some serious to express. But more important than complaints, you need solutions. That is exactly what DoNotPay is here to help you achieve. With our Moving Issues services, we can help you take action against bad movers who break your stuff or actively commit crimes against you during your move.

Just tell us the details of your moving experience and DoNotPay will help you send letters of complaint and file official reports with the FMCSA against bad movers. And if it comes to it, we'll help you take it all the way to the courthouse.

How to file a complaint against a moving company using DoNotPay:

  1. Search for moving issues on DoNotPay.

  2. Start our Solve My Moving Issues product by telling us the name of the moving company you are having issues with.

  3. Answer some questions about your specific move, your moving company, and the complaint for which you'd like relief.

DoNotPay will write a letter to your moving company, detailing both your complaints and your demands for compensation and relief and warn against a lawsuit if those demands aren't met. If you don't get a response within two weeks, we can help you escalate to small claims court!

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Moving is a trying time for anyone. It's when we're at our most vulnerable and least able to deal with problems along the way. During this time, and all times, DoNotPay is here to help.

Let us take on the issues of paperwork, bill payments, mail management - and fraudulent services, so you can focus on getting your household put safely back together. What else can we do for you? Explore our many online tools for everything you need to smooth your residential transition.

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