Sample Complaint Letter to Moving Company That'll Get You Refunds

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Sample Complaint Letter to Moving Company That'll Get You Refunds

Moving companies sometimes draw a less than favorable reputation upon themselves by not working with clients as professionally as they ought to. There are plenty of things that can go wrong when moving equipment from one area to another, but there is no excuse for not securing a great working relationship with your customers if you are a moving company. If you are a customer who needs to , you also need to know how to go about this. That is where DoNotPay steps in to help.

Types Of Complaints That Need To Be Heard

It is important to submit complaints that are valid, and those complaints come in all shapes and forms. Moving companies are responsible for some very important work, and it is easy to see how they could make an error that their customers would want to file a complaint about. Here are a few complaints that are frequently lodged against moving companies:

When the Contract is BreachedLook over the terms of your contract. Charges, quality service, and changes in a plan outside of this are legally actionable and a violation of your contract.
When the Company Policy is ViolatedSometimes, one moving person or driver is a bad apple. They might demand you pay cash or extra fees - outside the company policy.
When You've Been Lied to, Scammed, or DefraudedAny time you've been told one thing and experienced another in a way that was majorly disadvantageous. For example, you were told that your moving services would not contract out, and contracted strangers arrive at your destination.
When Your Items Have Been StolenWhen items on your Bill of Lading have disappeared in the move.
Failure to Honor InsuranceIf you were sold fake insurance or promised the trip was insured when it was not.
When There is Extensive DamageWhen your items have been extensively damaged, not just scuffed a little, or when many items sustain damage.
Clear Improper ProcedureWhen your movers don't even try to use best practices like protecting fragile boxes, or they stack heavy on light, or stack furniture on boxes, or don't tie-down, or don't pad furniture.

You should consider this when you are looking at the various things that you may need to file against a moving company. No matter what specifically has happened in your case, the reality is that you probably deserve to file a complaint that will be listened to. Do not let anyone talk you out of that because they believe that your complaint is not valid. In truth, you just need a that you can submit across various companies that you may need to file a complaint against.

Steps To Take Before Filing Your Complaint

There are steps to take before you file an official complaint with a moving company. You do not want to jump to conclusions too quickly and assume that you need to file a complaint until you have exhausted all other options. Besides that, you will want to provide plenty of evidence that your complaint is valid and needs to be heard. Here are a few steps to take:

  1. Check the entire contract you have with the moving company line by line.
  2. Check your moving insurance if you bought a policy.
  3. Gather evidence of wrongdoing by the moving company.
  4. Contact the moving company to see if you can come to an agreement.

The most likely thing to happen in this situation is that you will run into a situation where it is challenging to come back and establish a great working relationship with the company that you want to lodge a complaint against. There are already so many bad feelings between yourself and the moving company. This can quickly get out of control. You don't want to make the situation worse than it already is, and you should probably keep your communications with the moving company limited if you intend to file an official complaint against them.

Agencies You Can File a Complaint With

There are various agencies that you can file an official complaint with when you need to let the world know about the complaints that you have about a moving company that you have done business with before. Here are a few agencies that may want to get with if you are going to file your complaint:

  • BBB
  • American Trucking Association (ATA)
  • State Attorney General

You may or may not get anything out of the company related to your complaint, but at least it will officially be on the record. If someone of importance like the Attorney General receives multiple complaints about the same company, he or she may decide to take action on that company to try to get them back in line. It is a small piece of progress that you can make towards holding the moving company that you used accountable.

The DoNotPay Solution

DoNotPay will always be happy to work with their customers to get the best results possible for them when they need to file a complaint or take some other action against a company that has done them wrong. That is why they have come up with these simple steps to get you the help that you need:

How to file a complaint against a moving company using DoNotPay:

  1. Search for moving issues on DoNotPay.

  2. Start our Solve My Moving Issues product by telling us the name of the moving company you are having issues with.

  3. Answer some questions about your specific move, your moving company, and the complaint for which you'd like relief.

Just like that, your complaint will be filed, and you can be on your way.

How to Get Action Started Against Any Moving Company Using DoNotPay

Take action against your moving company in a few simple clicks:

  1. If a moving company has wronged you, and you're having trouble getting the resolution you deserve, you may need to escalate. DoNotPay makes it super easy to send demand letters to companies in small claims court, and it has been recognized by the American Bar Association's Louis M. Brown Award for Access. Download the app now and use the world's first AI Consumer Champion to fight back against bureaucracy and get the justice you deserve.
  2. DoNotPay can help generate a demand letter, mail it, generate small claims forms, and court scripts. (We do not actually file in court/represent user in court).

Get the fast and easy results you should have gotten from the start.

The Other Areas That DoNotPay Helps With

There are other areas that DoNotPay will happily work with you on. Here are some examples:

That is just a small sample of what they have to offer. There is a lot more than you can say about what DoNotPay does because they are constantly adding new services. If you feel like you would like to save some time and sanity for yourself, you can turn to them to provide you with the help that you need.

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