Is Value Added Communications Inmate Calling the Best Option?

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Is Value Added Communications Inmate Calling the Best Option?

If your friend or a loved one is incarcerated, it is essential to keep in touch. Prisoners in close contact with their loved ones and friends are likely to have an easier time serving their sentences and are unlikely to reoffend when released from incarceration. Calling them regularly also makes the prison time feel shorter.

VAC (Value Added Communications) is an automated inmate calling system available in state correctional facilities and large jails. Therefore, if your loved one is incarcerated in one of such jails, they may be using the VAC stem for the inmate to reach you. Read on to learn more about and how DoNotPay can help you connect with an incarcerated loved one.

How Can You Contact Inmates?

There are several ways you can reach out to the inmates. Most prisons allow you to use the following methods:

  1. Writing letters and delivering them via the mail system. They can also respond, but there are rules for exchanging letters.
  2. Visiting the inmates. Different prisons have specific dates and instructions for visiting inmates.
  3. Contacting them through Prison Pen Pals. This service allows people to make friends in the prison.
  4. . There are specific details and hours to call your loved ones.

What You Need to Know About Inmate Calls

The first thing you should keep in mind is that you cannot call anyone in jail unless it's a case of an emergency. Prisoners have to call their loved ones. They are asked to provide a list of about ten people who they can talk to regularly.

Prisons have different calling rules that determine when and how often inmates can call their loved ones. There are usually specific days when they can contact each other, and the duration of each call is monitored. The calls are also monitored and recorded unless they are to their lawyers. VAC uses a voice authentication system to determine if the caller on the other end is the person whose name the inmate gave to the authorities.

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Difficulties You May Have Contacting Loved One Using VAC

You may face several problems when calling inmates using VAC.

  • Due to the high number of prisoners, it may take long before you reach your loved one's turn. Besides, they may want to call other people on the list, not you. This means you may have to wait longer to reach them.
  • Sometimes, there are power blackouts in prison on days when calling is allowed. This means you cannot reach out to the incarcerated friend.
  • The call rates for VAC calling are usually high. This means that you will be charged a premium for a few minutes talking to the loved one

Before you call your loved one incarcerated, you should know where they are imprisoned. If you are unsure where they have been detained, DoNotPay can assist you in locating inmates wherever they are at any correctional facility in the U.S. DoNotPay can assist you in reaching them using other methods, such as writing to an inmate. The process is fast, effective, and can be done on your web browser.

Use DoNotPay to Connect with an Incarcerated Loved One

DoNotPay is the easiest way to find and contact your loved ones who are in prison. With the “Connect with an Inmate” product, all you need is to provide the inmate ID or booking number, the name of the prison, and the unit the inmate is located in and you can locate an incarcerated loved one or send them a letter!

Here’s how:

  1. Check our inmate connect' product on opening your DoNotPay account.

  2. Select whether you want to locate the friend, send them a personalized message, or use our virtual mailbox.

  3. To locate the loved one, furnish us with their personal details and the name of the state where they are imprisoned. We'll then check the database of the state.

  4. To create a virtual mailbox, furnish us with the full names of the imprisoned loved ones! We'll create one to enable you start to receive mail from them.

  5. If you wish to send a personal letter to them, tell us the prison the loved one is incarcerated in and the message you would like to convey. You may also send them a picture! We will deliver your letter immediately although you will have to wait ten days for it to reach them!!

What Else Can You Accomplish with DoNotPay?

Here are other things that you can accomplish with DoNotPay:

If you wish to call using VAC and locate the prisoner quickly, use DoNotPay to accomplish the task faster. Sign up today to get started.

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