How to Transfer United Miles

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How to Transfer United Miles

It's easy to earn United Airlines miles as there are many ways to do so. After accumulating so many of them, you have an option to transfer United Airlines miles to your spouse or anyone else, especially if they need a few more miles to book an award flight.

While the transfer process is straightforward and can be done on the airline's official website, the transfer fee is quite high, and you can only transfer to a MileagePlus member. Also, transferred points get a lower value than if you could have redeemed them from your account.

DoNotPay's Convert Points and Miles product makes it easy to in a fast and convenient manner. You'll only need to submit the required details and let DoNotPay transfer the miles for you.

How to Earn United Airline Miles

There are many ways to earn United Airlines miles. These include:

Spending With Co-Branded or Partnered Credit CardsCredit cards include Chase and Chase's Ultimate Rewards (such as Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Freedom Flex). You can transfer Ultimate Reward points you earn to your MileagePlus account at a 1:1 ratio.
Flying With United AirlineYou earn miles depending on your membership level and the fare class every time you fly with United Airlines.
Flying With United Airlines Partners (such as Aegean Air)If you book a flight with United's partners through United booking services, you earn the same points as you would if you had flown with United itself. But, if you book directly with United's partner, the miles you earn are subject to the airline's rates.
Participating in the MileagePlus Dining ProgramYou can participate by linking your credit card or debit card to your account and spending $25 at every participating restaurant. The miles you earn vary depending on the restaurant.
Participating in the MileagePlus Shopping ProgramThis is where you earn miles for shopping in any of the participating retailers. Check for eligible retailers on the MileagePlus Shopping portal. The rates for earning miles vary depending on the retailer and also monthly.
Staying in Partnering Hotels (like Marriott Hotels)Staying at a partnered hotel earns you redeemable points. You can then convert these points into miles and transfer them to your MileagePlus account. The rates also vary depending on the hotel.
Renting a Hertz Car Through United’s websiteYou can earn up to 2,750 miles by renting a Hertz car from partnered ground transportation services.
Booking a CruiseYou can book a cruise through the United Cruise Program.
Buying MileagePlus MilesYou can purchase MileagePlus miles directly from the MileagePlus website at $35 per 1,000 miles.

How to Transfer United Miles by Yourself

Transferring miles to someone else is a straightforward process. Here's how to do it.

  1. Go to MileagePlus's official website and click on "Transfer Miles."
  2. You'll be prompted to log into your MileagePlus membership account as you can only transfer miles if you are a MileagePlus member.
  3. After logging in to your account, fill in the transfer form. You'll be required to enter your name, MileagePlus membership number, and your email address. The next section will ask for the recipient's name, their MileagePlus number, and the number of miles you want to send.
  4. Click on "Submit transaction," and you'll be prompted to pay the transfer fees of $7.50 per 500 miles and a $30 processing fee using your debit or credit card.
  5. The transfer process takes about 48 hours to finalize the transaction. However, the miles are debited immediately from your account.

How to Transfer United Miles With the Help of DoNotPay

Even though the process of transferring United Airline miles is easy and you can do it yourself, the processing time might be too long, and you may end up missing out on any offers you want to benefit from.

However, DoNotPay will help you with ease and get them processed faster. Here's how to get started:

  1. Search "points" or "rewards" on DoNotPay, and select the rewards program you're a part of / the type of points you have.
  2. Choose whether you want to check your points balance, transfer your points, or sell them for cash.
  3. If you select one of the first two options, DoNotPay can check your points balance or transfer your points for you. Otherwise, we can help you find the best deal through third-party vendors.

Why Use DoNotPay to Transfer United Airline Miles to Another Person?

DoNotPay is a great option when transferring United Airlines because it is:

  • Fast – While it might take 48 hours to get the transfer process when doing it yourself, DoNotPay will help process the transfer faster, making the miles usable in a shorter time.
  • Easy – DoNotPay only requires you to enter the details of the transaction, and then they do it for you.
  • Successful – DoNotPay knows all the rules of transferring miles and ensures that the transfer goes through successfully.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

After you transfer your United miles, you can cash out the value of other airlines as well. Here’s how much those miles are worth:

Airline Reward ProgramMilesStandard Mileage Value (in Dollars)Priority/Business/First Class Mileage Value (in Dollars)
American Airlines AAdvantage Miles1$0.012$0.025
Southwest Rapid Rewards1$0.014$0.015
United MileagePlus1$0.010$0.024
Delta Skymiles1$0.013$0.014
Jetblue TrueBlue1$0.015N/A

The sky is not the limit! You can also:

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