Transfer Points to Hertz In 3 Easy Steps

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How to Transfer Points to Hertz Using DoNotPay

Did you know that you can sell credit card/hotel points or airline miles for cash? You can also transfer your rewards to other memberships, such as transferring hotel/credit card points to airline miles which you can use to book flights. The problem is knowing how to find the best deals and best options based on the types of points you have.

Depending on the rewards program you're a part of (Marriott Bonvoy, for example), you may get the best bang for your buck by transferring the points to airline miles rather than purchasing gift cards or using them for cash, but you need to compare the options to know which is best.

This article shows you how to earn and and how DoNotPay can help you with the same.

How to Earn Hertz Points

You are granted the Gold status when you sign up for the . With this, you earn 1 point per dollar spent with Hertz. For example, you earn points by renting a car from Hertz.

Travel PartnerMoney SpentPoints
Hertz$1 Spent1 Point

Can You Transfer Points to Hertz?

Hertz allows you to transfer and receive points once each calendar year.

However, most credit cards that allow you to trade your points for cash offer poor rates. Even though credit card companies allow you to trade your credit card points for cash or directly apply the amount to your credit balance, most will only value the points at 0.5 cents per point. This is where third-party vendors come into play.

Several services offer quotes and buy credit card/hotel points at higher rates.

Hertz Transfer Partners

Hertz has several transfer partners, including United and Delta airlines, and members can opt to earn airline miles instead of Hertz points. That is, you can earn 1 mile per dollar spent. The minimum number of miles you can earn per car is 500.

Keep in mind that airline miles are more flexible since they have more travel partners, thus giving many redemption options.

Marriott – Hertz Partnership

You can earn Marriott Bonvoy points on booking rentals with Hertz on their website. You only need to provide your Marriott account number, and you can:

  1. Earn up to 2000 points per rental
  2. Earn top-tier status, which gives access to fantastic benefits if you frequently rent with them

How to Transfer Points to Hertz on Your Own

Your Hertz Gold Plus reward points can be redeemed for a rental day. 800 points get you a reward weekend, while 900 points get you a reward weekday rental.

You can also transfer your Hertz points to your domestic partner at no cost. To do this, you'll have to call their rewards desk at 1-888-999-4900 from Monday through Friday, 6 am – 9 pm. Holding elite status with Marriott Bonvoy or the IHG Rewards Club may automatically qualify you for elite level with Hertz.

How to Use Hertz Points

Hertz has many award options, but the best value is the one free rental day under daily rentals, available for just 750 Hertz points under standard rewards and 1,500 Hertz points under AnyDay rewards. Users can use points to book cars in the various categories.

You can only get four free rental days under the daily rental option. Longer rentals will fall under the weekly rental option.

Reasons to Sell Hertz Points

Selling Hertz points is the best option for those who cannot utilize them via travel. Hertz points will go to waste if not used right away since they expire after 18 months of inactivity. Hertz points are worth 0.9 cents each. But this value could drastically change with the move to dynamic pricing.

How to Transfer Hertz Points to Transfer Partners

The Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program partners with ten hotel chains and airlines. To transfer your points:

  • Click "My Profile" in the top right-hand corner of the homepage
  • Click "Use my points"
  • Then click "Exchange my points"
  • Select the program to which you want to transfer points
  • Put in the membership number of your Hertz account and the program you selected
  • Then click "Select"

Transfer Points to Hertz Easily Using DoNotPay

If you have a lot of credit card, hotel, or airline points, DoNotPay can guide you through the best options you have depending on your rewards program and how much each point will be worth monetarily.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Search "points" or "rewards" on DoNotPay, and select the rewards program you're a part of / the type of points you have.

  2. Choose whether you want to check your points balance, transfer your points, or sell them for cash.

  3. If you selected one of the first two options, DoNotPay can check your points balance or transfer your points for you. Otherwise, we can help you find the best deal through third-party vendors.

For example, if you are a Marriott Rewards member, you can transfer your points to airline miles or find discounted Hertz rates to redeem the best value. DoNotPay can also help you find the best deal through third-party vendors if you want to sell your points. Lastly, we can also help you check your latest points balance automatically!

DoNotPay Works Across All Entities With the Click of a Button

Count on DoNotPay to help you in transferring or selling miles and points with different companies.

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What Else Can DoNotPay Pay Do for You?

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