How to Transfer JetBlue Points to Marriott

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How to Transfer JetBlue Points to Marriott

As Award Wallet reported on July 3, 2021, you can no longer exchange points between JetBlue and Marriott. At one time, you could exchange your JetBlue points for Marriott points and purchase vacation packages using JetBlue points, but the JetBlue program no longer works that way. DoNotPay can help you using the terms of service under which you registered.

Since transferring points often attracts people to a program, handling a program change that reneges on this promise can be tough. DoNotPay helps you obtain the points you need by handling the transfer for you.

What Other Sites Can DoNotPay Help Me Transfer Points Between?

isn’t all DoNotPay can do. You can use the DoNotPay site to easily exchange points between programs and to sell airline mileage points. Our service can help you learn how to transfer Marriott points to Southwest, transfer SPG points to Delta, or sell Delta miles.

We can also help you transfer Southwest points for other airline programs, handle an SPG miles transfer for you, such as if you want to transfer SPG points to Southwest, and much more. DoNotPay can help you transfer Chase points, and those for:

  1. United
  2. American Airlines
  3. Hilton hotels

and DoNotPay can help you sell Marriott points or sell United miles.

Using DoNotPay enhances your ability to transfer points between programs. We can also help you with Marriott points transfer partners, such as when you want to transfer Marriott points to Korean Air, transfer points from Marriott to Southwest, or transfer Marriott points to British Airways.

Earning JetBlue Points (And How Points Work)

You earn TrueBlue points by making these transactions:

Airline purchasesReceive points from purchasing a qualifying product or service from the airline, its JetBlue Vacations brand, its travel concierge Paisly.
Credit cardsReceive points from using an affiliated credit card or by charging purchases to its co-branded credit cards.
Product purchasesReceive points when you purchase products from JetBlue, JetBlue Vacations, Paisly, a partner of its TrueBlue program.

You earn on plane tickets, but not on the fees and taxes paid. Blue Basic fares net you one point for each dollar spent, while other ticket levels earn you three points for each dollar spent. When you purchase using the app or website, instead of by phone or through a travel agent, you earn three bonus points per dollar. You do earn one point per dollar extra for the Basic level fares.

You can also earn points while in-flight by shopping at Amazon or by completing surveys on JetBlue Opinion. Here's a list of updated partners:

  • JetBlue Card
  • JetBlue Plus Card
  • JetBlue Business Card
  • TrueBlue Shopping
  • Amazon
  • Avis & Budget
  • IHG® Rewards
  • Jet Opinions
  • MasterCard JetBlue from BPD
  • TrueBlue Dining
  • American Airlines
  • Emirates
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Icelandair
  • JSX
  • Qatar Airways
  • Silver Airways
  • Singapore Airlines
  • South African Airways

Where Can I Transfer JetBlue Points To?

While JetBlue once had an official transfer program, it ended that program in July 0f 2021. You can now only use your JetBlue points for redemption on the JetBlue website using its TrueBlue program. You can trade the points in for airline travel on JetBlue or to pay for the airline travel portion of a vacation package.

How Much Money Are TrueBlue Points Worth?

Earning TrueBlue points from JetBlue is as simple as flying. Every time you travel on the airline, you earn points. These points earn your airline travel. A JetBlue Mint seat costs about $900. According to, you can trade in 60,000 JetBlue TrueBlue points for a Mint ticket. That means that each point in the True Blue program has a value of about $0.015.

Here are a few other airlines to compare the Jetblue TrueBlue point value to:

Airline Reward ProgramMilesStandard Mileage Value (in Dollars)Priority/Business/First Class Mileage Value (in Dollars)
American Airlines AAdvantage Miles1$0.012$0.025
Southwest Rapid Rewards1$0.014$0.015
United MileagePlus1$0.010$0.024
Delta Skymiles1$0.013$0.014
Jetblue TrueBlue1$0.015N/A

How to Transfer JetBlue Points to Marriott on Your Own

You can no longer transfer JetBlue points to Marriott Rewards. This change occurred in July 2021. JetBlue no longer allows the exchange of its points to outside companies. You can still earn points in other programs and transfer them to JetBlue, though. For example, you can stay at an IHG Hotel, earn points in its frequent traveler program, and transfer them into your JetBlue TrueBlue account. This can help you earn air travel more quickly.

Solve the Transfer JetBlue Points to Marriott Problem With the Help of DoNotPay

DoNotPay wants to help you transfer your points quickly and efficiently. You don't have to spend hours on the Internet trying to talk to people at JetBlue via their customer service portal to try to convince them to honor the agreement you accepted when you signed up. So you can use your reward points for more than airline ticket discounts or travel.

Here's how to get started:

1. Search "points" or "rewards" on DoNotPay, and select the rewards program you're a part of / the type of points you have.

2. Choose whether you want to check your points balance, transfer your points, or sell them for cash.

3. If you selected one of the first two options, DoNotPay can check your points balance or transfer your points for you. Otherwise, we can help you find the best deal through third-party vendors.

For example, if you are a Marriott Rewards member, you can transfer your points to airline miles or find discounted hotel rates to redeem the best value. If you want to sell your points, we can help you find the best deal through third-party vendors. Lastly, we can also help you check your latest points balance automatically!

These transfers can be immediate, so you don't have to search the Internet trying to answer the question, "How long does it take for Marriott points to transfer?" Next, let us help you transfer Starwood points to Southwest.

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