How to Get the Cheapest Surface Pro Screen Repair

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How to Get the Cheapest Surface Pro Screen Repair

Like all machines, electronic gadgets are prone to breakdowns and may need repair at some point. However, different electronic devices come with different rules and regulations for their repair. If you need to repair your Surface Pro laptop screen but don't know where to start, this post is for you.

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How to Get Surface Pro Screen Repairs from Microsoft

Microsoft does not repair screens for Surface Pro laptops but will replace the device with a refurbished one. If the screen of your Surface Pro laptop is damaged or cracked, you can use the following process to make a claim for a damaged screen:

  1. Visit Microsoft support.
  2. Sign in to your Microsoft Account
  3. Select your Surface Pro and then click Start Order. If your laptop is not registered on Microsoft, click 'Don't see your device?' to register
  4. You will then follow the instructions provided to make a claim based on the damaged screen

If you can still use your Surface Pro despite the damage on the screen, you should back up all your data either on a hard drive or on a cloud storage space before sending your laptop for repair.

How Much Does Microsoft Charge for Surface Pro Screen Repairs?

The cost for Surface Pro screen repair will depend on whether you have Microsoft Complete or not.

With Microsoft CompleteMicrosoft Complete is Microsoft's accidental damage protection service on its hardware products such as Surfaces and Xbox. In simple terms, Microsoft Complete is a warranty for your Surface Pro laptop. If Microsoft Complete is still active on your Surface Pro, you can make an accidental claim to replace it, and you will be charged a service fee of as low as $49.
Without Microsoft CompleteIf Microsoft Complete is not active on your Surface Pro, you can still get it replaced for an out-of-warranty service fee. This fee will always be subject to adjustments based on further inspection of the damage to your Surface Pro.

Get Surface Pro Repairs from Independent Providers

Since Microsoft only replaces the Surface Pro laptops, it may take a few weeks for you to get the replacement. This may inconvenience you, especially if you have urgent things to do, such as work on your laptop. Alternatively, you can take your Surface Pro to an independent repair services provider to fix your damaged screen. This, however, comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages include having a single point of contact and easy access to local repair service providers. Also, when you find a good repair shop near you, you'll save money on shipping and transportation charges.

However, taking your Surface Pro to an independent third party comes with risks such as a waiver of warranty liability from the manufacturer if the third-party dealer does not repair it successfully. Also, getting repairs from an independent dealer will most likely be more expensive than taking it to the manufacturer for repair.

How to Avoid Excessive Surface Pro Repair Fees

Many local repair service providers like to overcharge their customers since most people don't know much about electronics. You may pay a lot more than what the shop paid for the Surface Pro screen replacement and still pay for labor fees which might be hiked as well. Some repair providers may also find other nonexistent problems with your laptop just to charge you for "additional" parts and labor fees.

Now you're probably scared that you won't be able to tell when you're being overcharged. But don't worry, there is a way to avoid that. What you need is to get multiple quotes from different repair service providers and compare their prices to choose the best deal. Also, if you know what it would cost you to on average, you'll have negotiating leverage when you enter any repair shop.

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