Secret Hacks That'll Save You Money On Fluke Meters Repairs

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Secret Hacks That'll Save You Money On Fluke Meters Repairs

Fluke's diagnostic tools and digital meters are intended to offer accurate measurements of electrical equipment and how they're operating. Although many of the versions on the market are said to be waterproof, able to withstand falls, and have a lengthy battery life. These qualities do not always shine through for all models. If you're having trouble with any may be necessary to get it back in working order.

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How to Request Repairs From a Fluke Service Center

You can try to get your repair handled by Fluke itself. Go to their website and locate their 'Support' section. From there, look for the 'Repair' option. You may be able to either send in the device/meter for repair or replacement or bring it to an authorized service center.

There are only seven authorized service centers within the U.S. You'll find most of them within:

  • Washington
  • Utah
  • Oregon
  • Arizona

Does Fluke Offer Refunds?

Fluke may offer a refund on a meter that you recently purchased. If it doesn't work right out of the gate, then you can often get your money back with no questions asked. If you've had the device for a while, however, it's more likely that you'll need to pay for a repair or get a replacement device instead.

Repair Costs for Fluke Meters

Fluke does not list their prices for repairs. The final amount you pay will all depend upon the extent of the damage and how much time it takes to get the problem solved. You may also receive a replacement rather than a repair.

In general, you can expect to pay hundreds of dollars for each repair on these devices which can cost thousands of dollars to buy.

Some of the general costs they charge include:

  1. A flat rate price for all repairs
  2. Priority service, known as "next on bench," that allows you to get your repair handled promptly
  3. Repair costs for additional items not included in the flat rate, including rechargeable battery packs, cathode ray tubes, and any other electromechanical parts
  4. Calibration costs for replacement devices

You can request a quote from Fluke to determine what the price might be before you send it in.

All meters and devices ordered online receive an automatic 90-day warranty. As long as the device malfunctioning occurs within this timeframe, you should be able to get a repair or replacement for free or very cheap.

Steps for Requesting Fluke Meter Repair

Once you've located the 'Support' and then 'Repairs' sections of the website, you can begin your request. You're encouraged to either call or email Fluke for this service. They will instruct you on how to file your claim and where to send your device so they may attempt to fix it.

Call1-888-993-5853 (You can also remember it as 1-888-99-FLUKE)

Before you can send in your device, you will have to complete a Return Material Authorization form, also known as an RMA. You need a special identification number to be able to do this, which you can get by either calling the number above or creating an account online and filing that way.

Can I Get My Fluke Meter Repaired for Less?

It may be possible to pay less for your if you can find a third party who charges less than what Fluke does. Your best option is to look around at several businesses in your area and compare costs first before selecting the one for the job.

Because you can purchase Fluke meters at other retailers as well, you may be able to have the company you bought it from handle the repair.

Additional Tips for Avoiding High Fluke Meter Repair Costs

You can also avoid high by attempting to handle the job yourself. Watch video tutorials and try to make the fix on your own. This is only recommended if you have some repair experience with electronic products.

In this case, you only have to pay for the replacement component that you need, rather than labor and repair costs to the business.

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