Secret Hack That'll Save You Money On Sinkhole Repair Costs

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Secret Hack That'll Save You Money On Sinkhole Repair Costs

Sinkholes are still a problem in specific US states, especially Florida. A sinkhole is when the earth essentially collapses, swallowing up homes due to changes in groundwater tables or other structural issues. While not a common occurrence in America, some states with excessive flooding face the prospect of more sinkholes happening.

What happens if you have a near or on your property? The charges for it can be excessive if you seek repair quotes on your own. Let us help you make the process easier using our DoNotPay app.

How Much Does It Typically Cost to Repair a Sinkhole?

Most estimates from the USGS say costs as much as $300 million per year. That figure is still significant since national statistics on sinkholes aren't typically available, considering they happen in select states.

Some other interesting facts about sinkhole repair:

  • says that if you make an insurance claim for sinkhole repair, it costs $10,000 to diagnose the problem.
  • also says the total sinkhole repairs for just one home (say in Florida) could cost anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000.
  • Repairs can take up to four months to complete.
  • Many people get taken by unscrupulous sinkhole repair specialists when seeking quotes without guidance.

How to Get Sinkhole Repair Going In Your City

What do you do to get sinkhole repair set up? You generally have to go through these steps to get the ball rolling:

  • If the sinkhole is on city property, contact local city officials about having them do an inspection.
  • If the sinkhole is on your property entirely, you'll have to call an engineering company to inspect the severity of the issue.
  • Get price quotes from various engineering firms before committing to the work.
  • In Florida, you'll need an Environmental Resources Permit from the Department of Environmental Protection before any work can begin.

How to Find the Best Engineering Firm to Repair Your Sinkhole

Vetting is essential when finding the right firm to around your property. The size of the sinkhole plays a significant factor in who you should hire. The larger the hole is, the bigger the expense, making who you hire all the more critical.

Some things you should do to find the best firm include:

  1. Make sure the company is fully licensed and insured.
  2. Find out how many years of experience they have.
  3. Ask to talk to their past customers about the quality of work done.
  4. Are they part of the Better Business Bureau?
  5. Inquire about whether they're part of state associations related to sinkhole repair. In Florida, this is the Florida Association of Sinkhole Repair Specialists.
  6. Determine the quality and age of the firm's sinkhole repair tools.

How to Avoid Excessive Sinkhole Repair Fees

Doing the above vetting processes often helps avoid high sinkhole repair costs. However, you should also look out for additional repair fees that might surprise you. These might include extra landscaping fees based on the complexity of the repair work.

You may also encounter the engineering firm charging you for unnecessary repairs. They may say you need extra reinforcements around your home when this possibly isn't true. If you're not a land engineer, you obviously wouldn't know whether they were telling the truth or not.

This is why price quotes are so important, something we can help you with at DoNotPay.

Find a Better Sinkhole Repair Quote With Our DoNotPay App

We can help you save time by finding the best sinkhole repair quotes. Just use our DoNotPay app with these three easy steps:

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  2. Enter the details of the repair you need.

  3. Let DoNotPay find competitive rates for that repair in your area and any relevant information to keep you from being overcharged.

And that's it. We find competitive repair rates for sinkhole repair in your area to give you negotiating leverage. Additionally, we help you spot attempts by engineering firms to charge you for unnecessary, overvalued, or even nonexistent services.

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