Secrets That'll Save You Money on Canon Lens Repairs

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The Simplest Way to Find the Best and Most Affordable Canon Lens Repairs

Canon is a Japanese multinational corporation specializing in imaging, industrial and optical products. The most popular canon products include lenses, cameras, printers, medical equipment, and scanners.

are among the best-rated lenses in the photography industry. The camera accessories boast high image quality and sharpness and are fairly affordable without compromising on quality and durability.

Exposure to harsh conditions such as moisture and chemicals and hard impact might damage your Canon lens. If the damage is not too much, you can always repair your lens instead of buying a new one. DoNotPay helps you save money by finding the around you.

How Much Does a Canon Lens Repair Cost?

The cost of depends on the level of damage and the type of lens.

Simple scratches are cheap because they are fixed through simple procedures like buffing. However, replacing damaged elements or repairing the internal components of the lens can be quite expensive; replacing the whole lens might be cheaper than the repairs.

Below is a table showing the maintenance and repair prices of different Canon lenses:

Type of LensStandard ServicePremier Service
Prime non-L Canon series EF, EF-S, RF$67.90$101.85
Zoom non-L Canon series EF, EF-S, RF$73.56$107.51
Prime DO & Canon L Series EF, RF$79.21$113.16
Zoom DO & Canon L Series EF, RF$90.53$124.48
Tilt-Shift (TS-E)$90.53

Where Can I Get Repairs for My Canon Lens?

You can fix your Canon lens at any certified technician near you. Below are some major approved Canon repair centers:

1. Camera & Camcorder Repair

Camera & Camcorder Repair center offers repair and maintenance of all Canon cameras, camcorders, and their components, including lenses. You can get a free online repair estimate quote by submitting a request through the company's website.

The advantage of using Camera & Camcorder Repair Center services is that you get to work directly with your technician and incur no extra charges by consulting with parts dealers and shops. The company provides quick turnarounds, fixing your device in 3-5 business days.

2. Camera Clinic the USA

Camera Clinic was founded in Reno, Nevada, in 1995 with a mission to repair, refurbish, and clean cameras and lenses. Camera Clinic specializes in repairing and maintaining Canon and Nikon cameras and parts.

However, you can get the services for any other camera and parts brand. The Camera Clinic's technicians have a reputation for sound ethics and high-quality service. The company offers highly competitive prices for all its services.

3. Canon USA

Canon USA is an affiliate of the parent company, Japanese Canon. Canon USA works with smaller service providers to bring your repair and maintenance services closer to you through the Canon Alliance Partner Program (CAPP).

Through the Canon Alliance Partner Program (CAPP), you will get specific services for all your needs. In addition, you can get resources on how to fix minor damage on your own through the Canon how-to video library.

Is It Worth Repairing My Canon Lens?

Whether to repair or replace your camera lens depends on the level of damage. Minor errors such as scratches and adjustment resistance can be rectified by buffing and oiling the levers.

If the damage extends to the internal components of the lens, it is easier to buy a new one, as repairing it would be more costly to bring about extra damage. Another factor determining whether you should repair or replace the camera lens is the value of the item. How much does it cost to buy a new lens or replace it? If the lens repair price is 50% of the purchase price or higher, it is better to get a new one altogether.

How Can I Save Money While Repairing My Canon Lens?

There are different ways in which you can save a few coins while repairing your Canon lenses, including:

Using the Manufacturer's Warranty

Every new Canon piece comes with 12-month insurance that caters to all manufacturer defects after purchase. If you purchase a Canon lens with defects, you should use the warranty cover to cater for the repairs instead of paying from your pocket.

Take Advantage of Discounts

Various repair shops offer discounts and covers to cater to repair and maintenance fees. For example, Canon USA offers CarePAK PLUS Program, which protects your lens from accidental damage, wear, and tear, and covers the shipping fee for your items.

Always scout for the repair shop offering the most genuine and affordable prices. DoNotPay simplifies the process for you by bringing you all the resources to compare repair quotes of technicians near you.

Let DoNotPay Find Local, Competitive Rates for Your Repair

Scouting for affordable but reliable lens repair technicians is not easy. DoNotPay understands your predicaments and has developed a fantastic tool to help you with your research.

You can now get quotations from repair technicians on all your devices, including Samsung devices, Canon lenses, and Apple products such as iPhones, Apple Watches and MacBooks.

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