How to Report a Pothole In NYC

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How to Report a Pothole In NYC the Easy Way

If you think you see a lot of potholes in New York, you're not imagining things. The Empire State has some of the worst roads in the nation. Fortunately, the City is responsive to complaints, so it may be worth your time to .

According to a recent study conducted by the Consumer Affairs Research Tea, New York ranks tenth for the worst roads in the United States. The study considered answers to an email survey and government reports and concluded that of all fifty states, Rhode Island has the worst roads while Kansas boasts the best

Why Potholes Are a Problem

According to News10, drivers in the United States spend at least $3 billion to repair damages caused by potholes every year. Issues associated with potholes include but are not limited to:

  • Damaged wheels and rims
  • Popped tires
  • Ruined shocks and struts
  • Ruined engines and exhaust systems
  • Wheel misalignment

How Do You Know if a Pothole Has Been Reported in NYC?

Managed by concerned citizens, consolidates reported road hazards, including potholes, in an easy-to-navigate database sorted by borough. The website also lists several potholes and road hazards that have been repaired.

The NYC DOT also provides a website where you can check the status of a reported or other roadway hazards.

When a Pothole Isn't a Pothole

There are several ways a road can go wrong, and it's not always potholes that make for rough riding.

Cave-insThese occur when pavement cracks apart to reveal an empty, deep space with no solid bottom.

Typically the result of trouble with the underground infrastructure, cave-ins are larger than potholes and can be reported the same way you report a pothole.

HummocksThese happen when the asphalt roadway pushes upward into a wave-like shape. These defects typically occur at intersections frequented by heavy trucks or big buses.

Hummocks may be reported any time of year but are generally repaired during the non-paving season that extends from mid-December to the middle of March, explains the New York City Department of Transportation.

Street cutsThese are square or rectangular man-made road hazards that may be open or defective. An open street cut usually happens when a street excavation has been left uncovered due to active work.

A cut is considered defective when the street surface is no longer level due to the filled-in cut sinking below street level or piled too high with filling material.

In either case, street cut issues are generally the responsibility of the party who made the cut. If that party cannot be identified, the NYC DOT may perform the repair.

How to Report a Pothole On Your Own

The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and New York State Thruway directors recommend citizens report potholes and other roadway trouble spots in Nassau and Suffolk counties by calling 1-800-POTHOLE (1-800-768-4653). In New York City, motorists who notice potholes are encouraged to dial 311 to file a report.

No matter how you make a pothole report, be prepared to provide the following details:

  • Nearest mileage reference marker or closest exit number.
  • Nearest crossroad or landmark.
  • Highway route number.
  • Direction of travel.
  • Community of county where the pothole is located.

If a pothole damaged your vehicle, you can file a claim against the DOT in small claims court. There's no guarantee it will work, but the claim form is available online.

An Easier Way to Report a Pothole or Other Road Hazard

DoNotPay takes the frustration out of filing a report on an NYC pothole or any city maintenance issue. It only takes a minute or two. Here's how it works:

  1. Go to the City Repairs product on DoNotPay.

  2. Choose one of the following options:
  • Report a maintenance issue to the city
  • Send Demand Letters To the city for compensation.

  1. If you want to report an issue, choose which problem you would like to report (pothole, broken lights, etc.) and tell us more about when you first noticed the issue.

  2. If you want to request compensation, tell us whether you 1) suffered a personal injury or 2) suffered from property damage. Then tell us more about the incident date, where it took place, and any expenses you have already paid. Include the names of witnesses if applicable.

  3. Upload supporting documents and other evidence files.

  4. Enter the amount you want to be compensated in damages and verify your e-signature.

That's really all there is to it! Once we have your info, we will file a report or make a claim on your behalf. Compensation requests will result in direct contact from the city, either by phone or email.

DoNotPay Helps With Other Issues, Too

No matter your city maintenance issue, DoNotPay is here to help.

If you would like DoNotPay’s help or any other maintenance issue in any city, . Our AI Consumer Champion is standing by and ready to assist.

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